I want to block bad sectors in my hard disk, what can i do ?

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    To be honest if your hard disk has bad sectors on it you'll be better off buying a new one now before the whole thing dies and you have to go through the trauma of data recovery

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    Go to Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer)

    Right click on Local Disk C: and select properties

    Click on the tools tab

    Under Error Checking, click the Check Now button

    When the check Disk Options window appears, check the boxes for Automatically Fix File System Errors and Scan For And Attempt To Repair Bad Sectors.

    Click Start

    You will get a message box that tells you that the disk check could not be performed because it needs full unrestricted access to the hard drive. You you want to schedule it to run the next time you start your computer. Answer YES then reboot your computer and let it run.

    Depending on the size of your hard drive, your processor speed, and the amount of memory you have, the scan can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I recommend running it when you go to bed and leave it run over night.

    I also recommend that you replace the hard drive as soon as possible if you have more than 5% of bad sectors. Less than 1% of bad sectors is good. 1 to 5% you should plan on replacing the drive when you can. 5% or more can cause serious problems and the drive will only get worse.

  • Daz
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    You can create a partition around the bad sectors, but it is not a good idea. They are there because something has corrupted parts of the hard drive. There are 2 types, hardware bad sectors, and software bad sectors. The hardware means you are facing imminent failure of the hard drive, rteplace it as soon as possible. The sioftware ones are easy to deal with. A simple format will not usually move them or remove them. A low level format (LLF) is usually what it takes to get rid of them. There are free utilities you can use to do a LLF such as killdisk. It works from a bootable media such as floppy disk or CD.

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    If you are using microsoft windows you should close all running programs and background programs such as antivirus or crash controll and run scandisk with the option "on" to do a read/write check. It will find the bad sectors and mark them as bad and move the data to a different part of the drive.

    Replace the drive when you can afford it.

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  • SAM L
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    1 decade ago

    run scandisk autofix then defrag

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