Is homeschool a good idea for me???

I am going to the 10 and I am 15. I wanted to homeschool and grad early!! Would that be a good idea?? What I could i do with all that extra time since I cant really get a job?? I dont really care for school but I am tryin to make sure that thats what I want to do!!

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    i became home school last year my 10th grade year and my first in home school and i think that depends on you and the kind of schooling you are going to get when you go into homeschooling...

    ♥if you have disciplined and know you are not going to bum out then its a good idea

    ♥if you are in advanced honors or anything like that and you know its not going to be the same way of learning

    then its not a good idea

    ♥if you are going to keep the same way of learning

    then its a good idea

    ♥if you have the public system of learning in Your system

    i dont know talk to your parents

    ♥if you need people to interact with or challenge you then

    not its not a good idea

    those i some points of view from my experience I'm going back to school but because I wasn't made for home school

    over all i know many people who are home school and they love it one of them is one of my friends so it all really depends on you and what technique you are going to use

  • glurpy
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    If you want to graduate early, you would spend your extra time doing the work you need to do so that you do graduate early.

    Other than that, your extra time would be spent doing things like getting together with other people, maybe participating in homeschool group activities, you could take some sort of community-based lessons (swimming, art, a language, anything) and figuring out your interests. That's probably the hardest thing for most teens after years in school: figuring out what they really want to use their time on.

    And yes, it's a fine idea if you are committed to it! You don't have to do an online program or even go through your school system's high school program. Check the laws where you live by finding a homeschool group or association for your state (or wherever you live).

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    Well, first JOBS want a High School diploma or GED so you have to have a HOME SCHOOL program that delivers a VALID, ACCREDITED diploma or you have to take the GED

    Most JOBS will shy away from you until age 18 because of Labor Laws.

    Look up your state's labor laws and see if they are an 18 or 17 state.

    If you can work with NO restriction at 17, it might be cool.

    You don't think you can graduate at age 17 with your skills in a REAL school

    I mean you already seemed to have skipped a grade.

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    Why do you dislike school?

    If you dislike academics pursuits in general, I'd strongly recommend that you stay in public school, because you probably won't have the discipline to homeschool yourself successfully. If you want to homeschool so you can sit around on your you-know-what all day and play video games, you might as well just give up all pretense, drop out of school, and spend the rest of your life flipping hamburgers at Burger King.

    If you dislike school becaue it moves too slowly for you (which your desire to graduate early implies, although your bad grammar suggests otherwise) or because you don't like the social scene or something and you genuinely believe that you have the drive and motivation to complete your education on your own, then go for it! I was homeschooled from 6th through 12th grade and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

    If you want to try homeschooling, but aren't sure you'll have the motivation, consider signing up for classes at your local community college. I took foreign language and science classes (which are harder to do at home) at community college starting when I was 15. Many community colleges don't require a high school diploma or GED for part-time high school age students as long as you can pass a placement test.

    Source(s): former homeschooler
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  • Terri
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    You will be able to graduate early if you are willing to put the time in to it, whether homeschool or public school (in my state this option exists).

    But it will take up time, so you wouldn't have as much free time as you think. By the time you finish, you will be old enough to work, so that wouldn't be a problem.

    There are "highschool" programs out there that say you can complete an entire highschool diploma in 9 months or so, and if you are not concerned about the level of education you receive, then that is an option.

    But even though you do not like school now, please keep your future in mind and get the best quality of education you can.

    You can actually learn and finish early without cutting corners in the quality of what you are learning.

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    I think that would really depend on what your parents think about it. If they agree then that is great. Well most places start to hire at the age of 16 and with a Working permit. So I would think you would keep busy with your schooling for that year until you turn 16. They offer all kinds of classes at the Community colleges for younger teens too. Check your community college. They also offer things in the community to do. Join up with a homeschooling group.

  • Tad W
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    What you do with the time would have to depend on why you want to graduate early.

    Its your education, and its your life goals. Graduating early just for the sake of graduating early might be nothing more than a lot of extra work doing something that you don't care for. On the other hand, if there is something you want to accomplish, and graduating early would help you reach that goal, then go for it.

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    I think you should because if you did finish school early then when you turn 16 you could get a job and most people are looking for people when other kids are in school so there would be more people wanting to hire you I am 16 and I just finished school

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    It is a good idea if you can complete the tasks and have the same material that is provided by the school system because if you plan to attend college then you will need to know these things that are being taught in Public and Private schools it will all prepare you for the college entry test, also you will need a home school teacher that is well certified and if you are having a Parent teach you then it is important that the parent lay out the ciriculum very similiar to that in which you would normally study in school, the idea would be to complete as much as you can as effectively adn fast as you can, good luck n your early graduation plans but you will have to stick to that and be very committed, being at home also means you may become easily distracted with other things too

  • Anonymous
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    i home school my daughter who is seven. while i think it is the best thing for us at her age, i will not home school her as a teenager. while i am confident in my ability to teach second grade basics, i recognize that i am not qualified to teach calculus, chemistry, or physics and i would not want to cheat her out of the best education possible. home schooling at a high school level i just don't think is realistic for most people. graduating early would do you no good if it does not prepare you for a career or college. remember, a job is not the same as a career. stay in school, learn everything you can, and enjoy being a kid.

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