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Does This Blockbuster Trade Work All Teams (Lakers, Hawks, Denver)?

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    NO, The Hawks would not have a Center. They don't need Odom, they already Have Josh Smith who is a younger more versatile player than Odom. Its great for the Lakers, giving them some very good low post play on both sides. Denver gets too many loose ends. I just don't think the Nuggets would sacrifice that much. Maybe K-Mart instead of Camby.

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    It is a bad trade for the Nuggets. They are giving up their two best post players for garbage in return.

    Lue is a scrub.

    Kwame is a bust.

    Wright has never been anything special.

    Pachulia is okay but Nene and Camby are better.

    Shelden Williams has yet to show he is going to be anything more than a bench player in the NBA.

    It is not a bad deal for the Hawks. They unload a bunch of guys who are, by and large, bench players and get Farmar who and Gasol who have some potential and Odom who is better than any of the guys they are giving up.

    The only thing I would worry about is that Odom and Josh Smith are kind of similar players and play the same position with Smith being the better defender and Odom being the better ball handler.

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    The Lakers and Hawks are getting the best results from this trade. Denver has no more inside game with Hilario and Camby gone. The players coming in do not intimidate as much as Camby does. Camby and Hilario are better on the boards and provide what Denver is looking for. Denver would never trade them, especially for Kwame Brown. No one wants Kwame Brown, he's a bust. He'll never make 9 mil a year ever again.

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    If this trade materializes:

    It's a very good trade for LA Lakers. Camby & Nene should start right away at 5 & 4 spot respectively.

    It's a good trade for the Denver Nuggets. Pachulia can start at center while Shelden Williams nor Kwame Brown shall fight it out for the starting 4 spot.

    It's a bad trade for Atlanta Hawks. All they got is the over-rated Lamar Odom who is injury prone, an unproven European in Marc Gasol & a back-up point guard with average skills in Jordan Farmar.

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    Even though some of the players are decent, Nuggets are getting 5 players, no way, in my opinion, that this trade works. Lakers only really are getting Camby and Hawks are getting Farmer and Odom, which is not bad but I think Nuggets are getting a lot.

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    The Lakers are getting the good side of this deal, however the Hawks are letting go of too many players for those three they are recieveing.

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