How long does Marijuana stay in your system for...?

also any tricks/tips to get marijuana out of your system quick will be helpful...I have been smoking every day for about the last how long do you thiink it will take for it to get out of my system so i could take a urine drug test?...thnx everyone

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    30 days to be exact. and Niacin is the Pill to take to get it out of your system. Take 3-4 pills and drink ALOT of water, I would say about 1/2 gallon. Should be out of your sytem within a few hours :] ... But there's a catch Niacin can be traceable in the tests if you take it Right before, so i would advise to get started right now.

    You can get the pills at walmart Down the Medicine Isle for like 3 bucks, there very cheap and Work wonders!

    Haha good luck

  • Irene
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    4 years ago

    It could take as long as a month. Even longer in the hair, but most work drug tests are urine tests. It doesn't matter how little. We just had a driver test positive and he insisted that he only ATTENDED a party where marijuana was being smoked. It doesn't matter if we believed him or not. The positive drug test means he is suspended and has to enter and PASS a drug counseling and treatment program if he EVER wants to drive again. Worried. Heck, yes! What were you thinking? Even if the drug test was sprung on you by surprise, you should know that most companies do a pre employment drug test.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It all depends on how much fat you have in your body (thin people have fat around their organs, too!)... Drink water and tea and coffee.. Anything with caffeine generally makes you pee even more because its a diuretic. Also, I heard from someone who was on probation for a while, that when they test your urine, they are testing for not THC, but pH levels and that putting bleach on your fingers and then peeing (ew) on your fingers into the cup should mess it up. I'm not saying try it, because I don't know if she's right about the whole pH thing, but its worth looking up.

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    it takes about 30 days for the active ingredient in marijuana to clear your system. There is NO good way to clear it that a good lab cannot detect in a test.

    you will get lots of answers contrary to this.

    Better to not smoke than risk a fail.

    Source(s): Former Lab worker.
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    Up to months...

    The first year that snow boarding was on the Winter Olympics as a full event, the Canadian Gold Medal winner had failed a drug test for MJ...a month or more after he had *passive* exposure!

    It sits in the body fat, and releases slowly.

    Any artificial method you might use to "spoof" a drug test could be considered illegal in many jurisdictions, and depending on *what* the test was for, *will* be illegal. So, be careful!

    Just be glad it's not tobacco...Weed is easy to quit - if you want to quit...tobacco is harder to quit than heroin! (Even worse for the ladies!)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For you probably 30 to 45days. If I were you I would go to my local smoke shop and ask for some of those drinks to clean you out. They got some stuff that will do it in 2hrs or up too 24hrs. Go and talk to them and they will get you the right stuff. Also there's GNC but remember whatever you buy off them make sure there's no golden seal in it because some jobs test for that and that showes that your trying to rid yourself of it, but like I said go to your local smoke shop theyll no what you need and hook you up

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    It remains in your system for 30-45 days depending on your body mass index. It is stored in fat cells so if you are lean, it will metabolize faster, but generally 30 days at least. Drink lots of water & cranberry juice!

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    It stays til the day after the drug test.

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    well it will stay in for a month or so... the best thing is to do is take an azos and drink lots of water untill you pee red and then take the test once your pee becomes clear... you can find azos at any store.....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would say about 2 weeks for that much. Drink lots and lots of water!

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