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How do you get into the acting/modeling business?

I really want to start acting/modeling (even though I'm short) but I don't want to run into any scam talent agencies. I just came from a scout agency, but I guess I didn't have the personality that they were looking for...So what should you do if you REALLY want to get into the industry?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    For modeling, if your a child your height may not matter so much but once you're a teen you have to be 5' 8" minimum and really that's on the low end. Try these more more info: - click on ‘global scouting’ - click on ‘be discovered’

    For acting it's different. You need training. Get into classes and get involved in local theatre and then student and independent films. Once you have some background to put on your resume you can try to get an agent.

    If you want to find a legitimate agent to represent you for commercials, TV & film go to Use the dropdown menu on the right labeled 'resources' and choose 'agent information'. On the next screen, on the left choose 'Find a SAG franchised agent' and follow the directions. You can look up agents all over the US, but there are higher concentrations where the work is (Los Angeles, NY, IL, FL, GA etc.)

    Then you can send them your headshot, resume, and a cover letter stating that you are seeking representation and wait to see if they call you in for an interview.

    Once you have an agent, they will get you the auditions, but until then you can check out You can also see if your state has a film alliance. Sometimes they post audition information for projects filming locally. For theatre, you can go to or (click on casting call) If you find the audition on the Equity site, you still may be able to go, as long as their not taking appointments from equity actor's only :-) On you have to pay to get all of the info, but the initial search is free and you may be able to see enough info to find out the rest on your own without paying.

    good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm only 5'3 and 1/2 (my doctor thinks its funny to rub that last part in) but I've always been interested as well. Depending on where you live, try to search around for agents. Never go anywhere alone - take a group of friends with you (maybe 2 or 3) so you don't have to feel uncomfortable. I'm sure if it's a real agency, they'll understand.

    We don't want things to end up like they did in Fame... (if you get that reference)

    Sorry I couldn't be more help...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How do you get into the acting/modeling business?


    Two resources for you:

    Not sure where you are though!

    Go to this link on my website and find out what I did to get two agents and a manager in just a short period of time:

    Then, while you are there, in the upper right-hand corner you can sign in and then get access to a free 36-page e-booklet that will give you some important considerations and steps with regard to starting your acting career.

    Hope that helps!



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  • 1 decade ago

    The professional Modeling industry is located in New York City. The height requirement for a model is 5'9" tall, in New York.

    Buy the fasion magazines: If you look exactly like the models in the magazine, you can model, if you don't, look the models you cannot be a profesisonal model in NYC.

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