How did people in the 60's greet others?

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like instead of saying hi or hello, what did they say?
Update : im serious about this. i don't wanna sound stupid.
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"Peace" and the peace sign. Dude
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  • fieldhouse39 answered 7 years ago
    They greeted one another with, "Peace." then they would show the peace sign. Or they said things like "What it is?" the answer might be, "It is as it is." or "Everything, is everything." or "The Karma is now." Sometimes, they would say, "Peace and Love." I loved that time and met some special people.
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  • NakedHike answered 7 years ago
    Feelin' Groovy Man.. Wanna smoke a ----?

    Actually I grew up in the late 1960's and whole decade of 1970's which were a lot like the 60's. I thought it was a great time to grow up. People weren't as uptight as they are today. The pop music was ten times better. In the 1960's and 1970's there was a huge explosion of rebellion against culture of preceding decades, most notably the 1930's /40's/ 50's; which were all hopelessly stodgy, racist, conservative ,ridiculous and phony. (Yeah, good ole U.S.A. :\)

    Also during this time penicillin was discovered so people went wild and had wild sex with each other all the time since there didn't seem to be any worry about diseases that were once life threatening of disfiguring. We didn't have HIV or HERPES running around like you see now. All the sexual diseases back then were curable.

    If the 1940's and 50's weren't ridiculous as I described the children that were born during this time who were adults in the 1960's wouldn't have rebelled like they did. It was huge shift in attitudes and culture.

    Oh, to answer your question, people greeted each other much like they do today, except they used slang expressions that would seem silly today, like FAR OUT, GROOVY, etc..
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  • panndora answered 7 years ago
    Kapasa !
    What it is?
    What's happening?
    What's going on man?
    Hey man.
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  • phlada64 answered 7 years ago
    Hi Hello. I dont remember anything vastly different in the 60's. Maybe there were differences according to where you lived,
    but in California, we just said Hi.
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  • rollingsaab answered 7 years ago
    wanna hit this

    thats what they said
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  • [§¶¢ΦMrs._JacobΦ¢¶§] answered 7 years ago
    the guy on the webpage isnt my dad. My dads fullname is Perry Christian Ashcraft. If you give me your e-mail I can send you my dad's and you guys can talk about his book, writing...
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  • SABRA answered 7 years ago
    u should go 2 this site. theres a bad picture of u there.
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  • two_kee_kees answered 7 years ago
    They had sex... free love

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  • mathieu s answered 7 years ago
    they said gay hippy stuff
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  • confused1256 answered 7 years ago
    gentlemen take off their hats
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