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Do people enjoy labeling people as EMO without knowing for sure?

Up until a few years ago, I didn't know what emo was? Someone tried to imply that I was because sometimes I'm in a

grumpy mood. Everyone gets that way, it doesn't make them emo. I hate that term. EMO. Happy is an emotion, too. So

does being happy make me emo? Of course not. Then you have people who try so hard not to be emo; Those are the ones that claim to be "optimistic". Yeah, They fulled me. Those people get grumpier than I do. FULL OF CRAP!! I get upset once in a while. Does that make me emo? NO!! no no no no n ono no!!! WWWWaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Why do people have to be so cruel? *Sob*

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    Oh, come, come...Most teens are a little cranky (boy, I know I am!) Everyone gets upset sometimes! Relax!

    And, the answer to your question...YES! People love labeling people, talking behind their back, gossiping, etc... It's a form of entertainment. The best you can do is just ignore it, and think of something to tell them. Anyways...if they're your friends, they're most probably just playing around with you a little. Don't take it seriously!

    Oh, and, nothing is wrong with being emo!

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    Emo isn't really a bad thing. If you really think about it we're all emo since we all have emotions. People do enjoy labeling people even if they don't know if they really are or not but it's not only emo it's scene, ska, goth, prep, nerd. You sound like a normal person that had a bad day and someone took it a little to far...dayum people. I figure that people are so cruel because it makes them feel better about theirselfs. You're not emo..just lighten up don't take what stupid people say to heart all that matters is what you think.

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    peopel callme "emo" for no reason 2 & i hate it i

    i hit a kid with a dog chain cause he would not stop calling me "emo"

    i think people R just stupid & have nothing better 2 do the call people so stupid names

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    Hey, what's wrong with being EMO? That reminds me, I have to go touch up my roots with black hair dye . . .

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  • Annie
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    i hate emos i hope the trend dies soon

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    i'm emo and its not a bad thing. geez.

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