How do you subtract percentages from prices?

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  • alpha answered 7 years ago
It is very easy
Let the price of a commodity be $50 and you want to subtract 20% from it
Calculate what is 20%of $50
20% of$50
Now subtract this $10 from $50 and you get your answer as $40
You may also get the answer directly in the following way
In question of percentages the whole qty. or amount is always 100%
Suppose you get an discount of30% on $60
What price would you have to pay?
Now,70% of $60
=$ 42
So you have to pay $42
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  • Gaines T answered 7 years ago
    The easiest way to figure percentages is to move the decimal. For example, say an item costs $89.95. If you want to know how mush you save if it is 10% off, move the decimal one place over, and you'll see that you save %8.995 (or $9.00 if you round off).

    If you eat dinner and the bill comes to say $121.74, 10% of that is $12.174 If you want to tip 15%, give her 10% (about $12), plus 5% more (half of 10%, or $6.00) for a total of $18 (better to give 20% though ;-)
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  • drochem answered 7 years ago
    Divide the percent by 100 to get it in decimal form. Once in decimal form multiply it by the price. Subtract that answer from the price to give the new price discounted by a certain percent
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  • c1980lloyd answered 7 years ago
    if somethind is say 15% off and the regular price is 23.99 simply multiply 23.99 x .85 ( 100% - 15% =85% the price your gonna pay) 23.99 x .85= $20.39 doing this save you from having to go back and subtract, its saves time becuase it is really easy to subtract the %off from 100% from the start . why go back and subtract???
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  • gary m answered 7 years ago
    mult. percentage. by price then subt. that no. from original price
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  • xanadu625 answered 7 years ago
    if something costs $30 and it is 20 percent off, then it costs x, x/30=20/100 simplified to x/30=1/4 then cross multiply, 30=4x, divide, 3o/4=x, so 7.50 is 20% of 30 dollars now you subtract that from 30 and get $22.50 this was just an example
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  • mark c answered 7 years ago
    First, change the percentage into a decimal. Example 15% becomes .15. Next, multiply the price by the decimal. Ex: 30(.15)=4.5. After, take the new amount and subtract it from the original amount.Ex:30-4.5=25.5 and that is the discounted price.
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