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Whose crime is greatest, actress Linsay Lohan's DUI and drug bust or US Atty Gen Alberto Gonzales' perjury?

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    I seriously doubt there is going to be a trial for perjury involving a US Attorney General anytime soon.

    In addition, nobody has even formally charged Gonzales with perjury, so there are not even allegations.

    All we have thus far is conflicting statements.

    All that said, if a sitting US Atty General perjures himself in front of congress, that is indeed a bigger crime than a two bit actress being stopped for a DUI and drug bust.

    There is still a long way to get from point A to point B though. Personally, I have had no respect for Gonzales since that torture memo, which frankly outranks the perjury.

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    Lohan's. She put lives at risk, and she's & everyone else is fortunate she didn't kill anyone. Besides, Bill Clinton, the Democrats, and the media set a precedent for every future person in politics when Clinton fired 93 U.S. attorneys, and perjured himself, and everyone gave him a free pass, b/c "it wasn't a big deal." Same thing about the Libby pardon. Clinton pardoned about 140+ times as many people as G.W. Bush has, most of them drug dealers, frauds, and even an armed robber or two. And don't forget the 16 Puerto Rican terrorists whose sentences he commuted. All three of these people were wrong, and whose is worse is a pointless question. However, there are precedents set in government, and unfortunately, Clinton set many of the negative kind.

  • Lets see how you answer if your child is run down by Lindsay Lohan who could easily afford a driver.

    Gonzales technically is worse, but then lets line up half of Washington DC in the perjury list.

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    Of course DUI is bad, but how many people get away every day. Of course Gonzales is worse.

    Why are we allowing Jackass Bush to impeed with all the investigations in Washington and calling it "Executive Previlidge." It is time to Impeach!!!!!

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    Both are pretty bad. I would recommend life for Lohan. Gonzales should get at least 30.

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    Perjury -- no question.

    Gonzales is an attorney, who swore an oath to tell the truth. He is also a federal officer, who swore an oath to see that the laws are faithfully executed. AND he's the nations' top law enforcement office, and should be held to the highest standards.

    Compared to a private citizen who swore none of those oaths...... creating a risk of harm by DUI is nowhere near as bad as intentionally violating sworn professional and federal oaths.

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    Bushes for not assigning a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations against the Attorney General.

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    Gonzales because he's an adult and should know better. Everyone makes mistakes when they're young. Hers are just blown up because she's so famous- not that i'm defending her actions. Gonzales is famous, yet his actions were not as blown up as Lohans's were.

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    Gonzalez is a swine...a typical Bushite who can laugh in the faces of our congress and and lie to the American people...and they tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about a bl*wjob...How pathetic.

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    Of course perjury is the most serious crime, but he will be pardoned by bush, when convicted and sentenced, Lindsey won't.


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