what ever happend with the baby that liberty van zandt had?

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    After the checkup is over JT and Liberty talk about what to do with the baby and JT finally gives in and decides to keep the baby and raise it with Liberty. They start looking for apartments but can't find any good ones in their price range. After this they finally tell JT's grandma and Liberty's parents about Liberty's pregnancy. Liberty's parents become furious. Liberty's father is willing to help her with the baby as long as she dumps JT. Liberty refuses. JT then realizes that having a baby is expensive and starts thinking of alternative ways to support Liberty and the baby. While working at a pharmacy, JT is approached by Jay who offers him a job which would involve stealing drugs from the pharmacy. After first refusing, JT takes Jay up on his offer and begins selling drugs. Afterwards, he realizes what he is doing is wrong and tells Jay he wants to quit but Jay and his friend threaten him. Realizing the trouble he's in, JT swallows a handful of pills and passes out. He wakes up in the hospital and when Liberty visits she's furious and breaks up with him. JTs actions then become the catalyst to Liberty's decision to give the baby up for adoption. A couple of months later, Liberty goes into a premature labor; however, she gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

    Months after her son was born, Liberty becomes depressed as she began to regret giving him up. She begins to feel worse about the situation when she learns that his new family is moving far away. To deal with the pain, she turns to alcohol. Danny's friend Derek tells Liberty that he was adopted as well and he gives her the idea to give her child a box of personal items to remember her and JT by as the baby's family relocates.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it was put up for adoption

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