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Should I reconsider pursuing a BA degree in Finance?

It just seems so boring to me.... but then again... all other major seems boring... I like psychology and history, I just don't think i could get a good job with those degree.... what should I major in? I am totally at a lost right now..

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    Don't do it. If you think it is boring now just imagine your life in finance ten years from now. You'll be miserable.

    Counselors often like to ask you this question: If you didn't have to worry about money, what would you do? Take a few classes in different majors and find out what interests you.

    You need to pursue something you are interested in because employers will always hire employees who enjoy their job over employees who are there to pick up their paycheck.

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    What are you interested in? Be specific. What skills do you have? What skills do you enjoy using? What can't you stand doing? Instead of trying to decide on a major, figure out what you like to do, what your personal philosophies are, what you are good at, and pick a major according to your conclusions.

    An alternative is to not waste your time or money doing college if you are bored with it. Go get a job, see what the working world is like, what skills or degrees will bring you success and satisfaction, and then go back to college and get them. Sometimes areas/fields/skills/etc. aren't that boring when you see their purpose in the real world.

    Source(s): My son: he took a drafting class in middle school, realized he could do this the rest of his life and be happy, and is now entering college as an architecture major.
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