Can laptops play the Sims2 and/or Expansion packs?

Hi I am about to buy a laptop. I love playing the Sims 2 and Expansions, so I wanted to know before i buy the expansion packs or another Sims 2 game if whether or not I can play it on my laptop. I am thinkin about going for DELL laptops ( I KNOW U CANNOT PLAY THE SIMS 2 ON MAC LAPTOPS). I basically wanted to know if I was to buy a dell laptop ( NOT MAC FROM APPLE- I KNOW SOMEBODY WILL TELL ME ONLY ABOUT MAC LAPTOPS LOL) would I be able to play the Sims 2 on it?

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    I have a laptop, its an IBM Lenovo. Not dell, and not Mac or Apple.

    The Sims 2 works fine on my computer!

    Although sometimes it shuts down saying theres a critical error in my grafic card, but it's never messed up my computer, so i just ignore it.

    The only thing I can't do is use Sims 2 Body Shop.

    I was reading around and I think it only has somehting to do with the IBM grafics card. So you should be alright if you get a dell.

    In otherwords, Yeah it'll work fine!

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    It depends on the stats of the laptop. Go to the Sims website or look on wikipedia and find out what you need to run it, then get a laptop that has at least a decent video card in it. If it's a newer laptop that has any sort of claim towards decent gaming, it should be able to run the sims 2.... but probably not super well.

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    Yes, you should be able to play the Sims2 and the expansions on the laptop. As long as you meet the minimum system requirements that the game has. If it is a newer laptop then that should be no problem. It is a little strange getting used to playing with the touch pad but if you have a mouse you can plug into the usb port then it will be just like playing it on your desktop computer.

  • 1 decade ago

    i think it will as long as u have the right type computer

    Ex. if it calls for Windows 98 or a Macontosh..make sure tht the laptop is at least one of those..

    Hope this helps!! Have fun playing!!

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    1 decade ago

    yes you will,mac is just really confusing and,not that great but dell ya it should work for sure =)

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