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Do cockroaches and termites make good pets?

Before you laugh, this is a serious question... I can't afford real pets and feel rather lonely in my vast delapidated estate.. So before I start fumigating and poisoning the varmints again I am considering domesticating them instead.


Does Tyler Durdens howling make other's flesh crawl too?

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    Yes you could recruit them as minions.... build little chariots for battle and arm them like in Ben-Hur and they will shout in glee...Stooge! You've come back to us like a returning faith! Oh Stooge, I should like to laugh again. Let us laugh! and then the most notorious line...Stooge is back!

    The keeper of the light! All hail S! All hail S! Oh S can you see by the dawn's early light.........

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    As long as you can keep up with a perfumed room....... sorry ... i mean odour!!

    And a nice blanket and mattress you and their group can share!!

    Feed them with your clothes and a bit of your flesh!

    they can also provide a wholesome diet when you get fed up with those "Nice Pets"!!

    If you doubt this infor., ask Osama!

    He made them his companion when he was first declared "WANTED"!!

    Anyway the guy detonated them when he got fed up with the all consuming "Nice Pets"!!

    In your case, I suggest you get Jack™ handy!

    I was informed he is the only one who makes use the nuclear weapons!!

    Because Once you breed the lot, funmigation will just be like a perfumed spray to them!

  • 1 decade ago's an American that is loved across the pond. This collection has a GREAT cockroach story.

    My trapped on the escalator poem is a tribute to a short story in here.

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    You're going to have to use pesticides. There isn't anything natural you could do. But if you want to know for sure, look it up online, I'm sure they have tons of info about that sort of thing.

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  • i know that people keep cocaroaches, but usually they keep the big ones [madagascarian hissing] but i dont see why you cant keep small ones, just keep them in an aquariam and feed them just about anything. termite, ivenever heard of people keeping as a pet...not sure how that would work either

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    From what I have heard, all the finer crack houses keep a few,.. thousand,....

    Perhaps maybe mice? They are actually very affectionate, cute, can learn their names and to do tricks. They are also cheap. Alas, they may snack on your roaches tho,...

    Source(s): brother lived in a crack house,...
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    yes on Blattella germanica, no on termites...

    had some limited success in training my roaches, never got anywhere with termites... they seem attracted to my brain, they seem to think it is food...

    taught my roaches to march to music of Sousa, and twirl batons... they also fart and belch on command...

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    i saw on the discover channel yesterday where they battered them up and fried them and put them on shewers as appetizers. UMMM free food.

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