Men are there different type of women?

I have notice that some of my girlfriend never keep a man. There relationship last 6 -8 months a most with no commitment evolved not by her choice. Me on the other hand just got back in the dating game and meet someone and they already want me to be there girlfriend. He seemed pretty disappointed when I told him that I just got out of a serious relationship and did not want to rush into things. I’m curious to see if some women are Relationship type and some are just bed buddies. How do u determine this?

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    Absolutely!! There are different types of women and men. It depends on their type and what they are looking for. There are bed buddies, friends with benefits, serious daters, serial daters, and relationship goers. You determine this by defining what you want when seeking a relationship. Men and women often send these signals out without being necessarily verbal. If you meet someone and go home with them and to bed the first day you meet them your into one night stands or "BED BUDDIES" Mostly seen at clubs or bars. If your friends with benefits you will take your friendship to the sex level out of convenience or being comfortable. If your a serious dater, you go looking for a relationship but never get one, because the other party isn't interested. If your a serial dater, you just like to go out and have fun with no expectations. If your a relationship goer you like to take your time getting to know someone and enjoy the aspects relationships have and the commitment. You or anyone determines their type by their morals or belief system. If they have low standards or confidence their probably just going to be hooking up with others to fill a void and temporarily make themselves feel good. If you have high morals you will most likely be a relationship goer. You can tell different types.

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    The only way I can see to determine this is, If they are the relationship type they are the kind of person that you can plan a future with. Someone you can have a great life with, that wants the kind of commitment that leads to marrage, kids and a morgage.

    Then the bed buddy is the exact opposite. A person that doesn't want serious commitment, marrage and such. Just someone you are exclusive with that you can go out and have a good time with, a few laughs and hit the sack with and thats pretty much it.

    But outside of that bold line I honestly feel there are in general only two types of men or women. Good ones and bad ones.

  • 1 decade ago are the same way...I am a serial dater myself...or i was before i got married. As soon as one relationship ended I always seemed to get into another....not just as bed buddies. It all depends on what the woman wants, and what kind of men she's after.

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    Yes, there are different types of women. Some are needy and desperate, others are confident and content. Men don't want to commit to the needy and desperate type, and those are usually the kind of women who just desire a meaninful, lasting relationship. They just don't know the right way to go about it (I've been there myself). Ironic, isn't it?

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    personality has to do a lot with it

    if I find out that I don't like a chick that much after a date or two, I will still want to get some...but I won't stay with her long

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    hello! well i am relationship type too :)

    and i think everyone on earth was born that way too(if i dare say :P)... some just wanna have fun till they fall upon "THE perfect guy"

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    in a relationship, she'll be there still in bed with you in the morning

    and bed buddies, she'll be gone when the sun comes up.

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