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Really Poor Credit Rating Will it stop me gettng a new job??

Help, i've been offered a new job as a mortgage consultant, and im not sure whether i can accept it, i mean they say they'll do credit not bankrupt and never have been and i don't currentlt have any iva's running but my credit ratings so bad i can't even get a current account......

will this stop me getting a new job??

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  • Amy W
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    Possibly. I lost out on a job because of my credit rating. They should not offer you the job until they have already done the check. Still, if you want the job, accept it and see what happens, it couldn't hurt.

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    Yes it will, when they require a credit check it is because they want to see how responsible you are if your credit history is poor you might as well go find something else because they will not hire you.

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    Yes, you need to clean up your credit as soon as possible to keep it from affecting your future job prospects. Also, improving your punctuation, capitalization and grammar may help as well.

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    It could be a consideration when working with a lender.

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