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What are some things I need to do to start living in an apartment?

How much should I have saved up, etc?

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    You will most likely have to pay a secutiry deposit and first and last months rent up front. Security can be a few hundred to a full months rent. I would save at least 6 months rent before trying to get a place. You can go bare bones on furniture if you want, and find stuff at thrift stores or yard sales, or family members.

    I say 6 months because rent is a large amount of money to be expected to pay every month, and it is nice having a cushion to take the stress of it off, especially when the seasonal high utility bills come in.

    You should be good with about $5-$8k saved.

    Good luck!

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    Try to find a copy of HOW TO LIVE CHEAP BUT GOOD.

    it is probably from the late 70s or early 80s.

    it has lists of what you need to buy, things you should think about before renting an apt.

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    You should have saved one years rent before you move in. That's my opinion based on experiences. You'll need furniture..., dishes, cutlery, brick-abrack, nik-naks, art, TV, and a few other things too.

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