how can we help the younger population get involved in politics?


listen i didnt mean children i meant young adults. young voters.

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    i am the younger generation. and to speak on our behalf, its going to be difficult to clean up the messes that the older generation has left for us. many people my age, and some even older, view politics as complex, uninteresting, or impertinent to them. selfish, i know. however, there are a select few that love politics (not the state its in, i know full well that politics have seen better days). i think that those who will take up their crosses and bear the burdens of their country through politics have already been reading, researching, and participating in politics. i know that i want to help our crumbling world- its in a messy state, and im sure that im not the only one- there has to be motivation and leadership out there.

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    The question has been raised before and it has proven to be an impossible task to accomplish. But if we look at history very closely, we can see that there is always one factor that makes young people start to least a little bit, and leave their indifference for a short moment: disaster. Disasters such as natural catastrophes, war, and terrorist attacks always get young people involved in what's going on with government and all the goodies. WW1 and WW2? Most young people joined the army not because they had to, but because they were very patriotic; they saw it as their duty to their country and were actually aware of what was going on around them. During the Civil War era. Several young people- white and black- actually joined together promoting equality by doing showdowns of civil disobedience. Young people volunteer and try to get active in government issues when floods occur, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. The most recent event that turned young people to government issues was the terrorist attack on 9/11. In a classroom full of teeneagers, I actually saw how interested students were in politics, what the president would do, would congress approve....etc. Sadly and ironically, this is the is in times of destruction and conflict when the young ones actually care. I think it is due to our frivolous and careless way of living. If we really want the young folk to care, then maybe we should have more wars and pray that a worldwide tornado suddenly appears...otherwise, it will never happen.

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    I am 21 and I have been involved somewhat. I have lost interest because there is not a party that represents my moderate ideology (fiscally right, socially center-left). I like politics and keep up with it, but I only have the ambition to help a few candidates who share my philosophy on both sides of the aisle.

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    Hehehehe, I am 14, trying to do as much as I can to enlighten idiot liberals. Some people don't take me seriously when they know I am 14, but in reality, I probably have a higher IQ than they do. My IQ is 118 =). I really like to argue about politics, because I know I am right. So, therefore, there is nothing you could od to get me more involved, other than, lower the age limit to run for president from 40, down to 14. I personally don't think that would go down to well.

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    i joined the political arena at age 23. that was 7 years ago and until now im still here:) i encourage more young people to get involved. its time we all change the face of governance and politics.

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    The best way to get young people involved is by teaching them history. It is so fascinating to learn about how decisions were made and what the effects of them were on people's lives.

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    Politics are a very serious form of government.

    I mean from a kid hun,

    We can't force them to follow that path.

    But what we can do is tell them the interest of many forms of government, democracies, etc.

    I'm 12 and I love politics and debating =]

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    I think the key is in their family unit. Sitting around the supper table debating to days issues. Teaching your children that it is their country and with out their active role, it will fail.

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    read the paper in front of them - ask their input - watch the news with them - ask their input - explain things to them.

    take them to a city country meeting - take them to at least on a month - take them to a public service meeting - get them prep aired for it - encourage the to ask questions.

    take them to a candidate you support or they support have them do a task there once a week or on week ends - this will be easier as we get further into the election.

    one would hope schools would discuss citizen participation - but they probably don't - so that falls on your shoulders.

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    sorry to tell you but you can't actually do that...youth has their own thing you can't just drag them like "hey, let's talk about politics" or something like that but there are some open minded youth or teens that is into it...they get into debates and forums because they want to get involved...and i'm sure that some of them encourages their friends to take part and get into it...

    Source(s): i'm not really a politic kind of person...but i'm open minded about other issues that is happening in reality..
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