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Help with my glass fish who has left sided popeye and a white, bumpy patch?

I have a 29 gallon tank that has been up and running for about 4 years. The last 2 years have been excellent, with only 1 fish lost. I have a glass fish that has been in the tank for about a year. Two days ago, I noticed it has a popeye on the left. On the same side of his body near the tail there is a patch of white, raised bumps about half the size of the pencil eraser. There is a pink area sitting just under the white bumps. (It looks almost like a tiny cluster of white grapes). There are no other spots on his body.

I treated the tank with Tank Buddies for bacterial infections, and it didn't seem to do any good. He is eating fine, and otherwise acting normal. And he can't be too bad yet because the catfish hasn't eaten him. (The catfish tends to dispose of weak fish).

Any ideas on what this might be and what I can do about it?

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    In a mature tank, this is almost always due to water quality. Glass fish are brackish as well, so a bit of rock salt will do wonders. Test your water for nitrite and nitrate. The bumps you see are lymphocystis. They are common on glass fish and will usually go away with proper salinity and regular water changes. This condition is not usually spread, so I wouldn't waste any more medication on the bumps. I would be focusing on water quality first, medication second. All the medicine in the world won't cure a fish in dirty water.

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    You can treat the popeye with a good antibiotic such as Furanase, Furan 2 or in a pinch, Maracyn TC (or other tetracycline). The white patch is another story. You care no doubt seeing Lymphocystis virus. About 10% of regular glass fish have it and somewhere around 40% of painted glass fish have it. It appears to be strongly linked to the painted fish, but it's not known if it's caused in part by the dye or only transmitted by dirty needles. It is totally untreatable and will run it's course no matter what you do, but will not kill the fish either. Eventually the white spots will go away. Sometimes they will come back, sometimes not, there is no way to know. It can spread to other fish, but the method by which it spreads is to date unknown and it doesn't commonly spread in a tank. Here's a picture of some glass fish with Lymphocystis virus:


    Article on Lymphocystis virus:


    Hope that helps


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    I'm not sure what the popeye is but I'm pretty shure the white spots are ick you should get that treated

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    Pop-eye is hard to treat. one of my discus had it and i had to put it down.

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