Why is there no 'real' bacon in Japan?

There's plenty of horrible cheap, rubbery, pink, fatty stuff.

Where does all the proper bacon go?
Update: This is real bacon (see 3 photos on this page):

This is Japanese bacon:

Digression: Like with Japanese wine, it is a stretch to even call it bacon.
Update 2: To gene.h:

I am british and our bacon looks like that in the wikipedia article. I agree 'real' was a bad choice of word, perhaps I should have said 'natural looking/tasting' instead. Japanese bacon is too processed. Its like cheese slices vs a real cheese.
Update 3: to joriental:

It is not a criticism of Japan, simply I wonder why there is no 'real' bacon (ie. bacon that is not like plastic) here. I wonder whether they are unable to produce it for some reason, or if they just add sugar/preservatives etc to make it last longer on shelves.
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