Should I buy this 2007 Toyota Camry, or are there too many miles?

I am thinking about buying a 2003 Toyota Camry that has 106,000 miles on it. It was very decently priced (perfect for my budget). Is it a waste of money, or I will I get a few solid years out of the car? I heard that Toyota's are good for at least 200,000 miles. Is this true?

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    That is a lot of miles on a 2003 camry. Do you hear any unusual sound when you drive?? Is there any hesitation when you excelarate? Noise when you stop? Did you look in the engine compartment? Is there a lot of oil residue? Any accidents?

    Camrys are good cars, especially this year of model. It does not have any safety related recalls or campaigns. The new 2007 new model has a lot of transmission related issues and concerns. I used to work for Toyota and my boyfriend is a service dept manager for Toyota. He owns a 1988 corolla with 250000 miles on it. Just do your proper maintenance. Oil change...brake pads...and make sure to do your major services consistenly. Your car will last for a few years or more. Make sure you get a service history from the dealership or service center that this owner does his service with. You can call and ask how you can get a service history....usually this owner has to write, call or email them to have the history to be released to you. Good luck!

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    If you are buying the 03 from a reputable dealership, try to get an extended warranty. If not, try to get service records from the previous owner to see what has been replaced and what has not. If there are no records, call around to different Toyota dealerships to their service department and see if they have any records and check for any open recalls. Around 100k the timing chain and plugs need to be replaced, as well as the coolant.

    If the car is cheap enough, it might be your best bet. Check for a ballpark figure of value. I work at a Toyota dealership and there are many loyal customers with us who have over 300k on their Camry's, Corolla's, RAV's, and 4Runners.

    If the car was well cared for and well priced, I would say that it is worth it, but it depends upon how much you drive. If you're going to put over 15,000 miles a year, I might consider something else, as you will hit the 250,000 mark pretty quick if you wanted to keep this car around for a few years. If you don't drive all that much, it would be wise choice.

    Keep in mind that Toyotas will hold thier value much higher and longer than that of a domestic.

    Source(s): Work for Toyota Dealership in the rental and service department, boyfriend is a 28 year + veteran and ASE cert.
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    it is a four maybe five year old car which means it has been driven approximately 20 - 25 thousand miles a year.

    That is anywhere from 54 to 70 miles a day, every single day. If that is city traffic miles, I would not buy this car; though there is so much put into how great they are up too 200K miles, that is only if they are well maintained and driven very well.

    Over 106k, you are looking at a lot of wear on the timing belt, the lifters and valves and more importantly the transaxle, which is the one area of a car folks hardly ever service.

    Be wary if the price is too good to be true, compared to similiar vehicles, then it is just that, too good to be true. Make sure it has a clean title in that case.

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    Of course the 2007 Toyota Camry LE V6 is a good car, and yes, it should have the same body style in 2008 as it did in 2007.

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    just buy the 2007 camry because if you do buy the 2003 in some time it will start giving some problem so. toyota run for 200000 miles but if spending money on old one and too many miles it is better to buy brand new one.

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    I have a 1997 Toyota Camry that has almost 200,000 miles on it. The only thing that I have replaced is a timing belt, oil, & tires. It still runs great.

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    Make sure you put some money aside for maintenance items. Water pump, alternator and starter usually will need replacing around this time. Tires and brakes and suspension items like the Macpherson struts should also be considered too.

    It would be good to have a mechanic check it over for overall condition, especially looking at Oil leaks and engine compression, etc.

    I have quite a few Toyota's ('84 with 255k, '87 with 158k and a 2000 with 85k) and they're good at lasting, especially if they're well cared for.

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    First, check the maintenances log. If the car was well taken car of, go for it. Since to get the most miles out of ANY car is to first keep it maintained properly.

    Also, get a report on the vin#. It can cost about $13 but may save you from making a costly mistake.

    If you do both of these and it passes, go for it. It should go up a few more years without any significant (if any) problems.

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    I have to agree with most of the above answers. Who had the car? Was it used for long commuets on the freeway or a delivery car in town. Who owned the car? If you are looking to buy from a private owner think about the above questions. If you are buying from a lot on used car row. Think again.

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    They are good even beyond that if you keep the oil changed and the maintenance taken care of, yes. My son's Toyota truck has 260,000 miles on it and it is still going strong.

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