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Will a power inverter harm my vehicle?

I have power inverter that you plug into a cigarette lighter and it turns into 2 regular outlets for my laptop and other electronics. I don't want to mess up the electronics or anything in my van.

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    Nope, your ok with the cigarette lighter plug in one. you should check to be sure the wattage on the inverter can handle your laptop. I run a 300 watt and a 1000 watt inverter 24/7 in my truck, though the 1000 watt inverter needs heavy cables hooked directly to the battery due to the power draw. But your cigarette plug will be no problem. Be sure to Not cover it, block the fan, vents, or put it in a spot without adequate ventilation, so the inverter to be able to cool, and not over heat. Most inverters have a low voltage buzzer that goes off if your in danger of draining your battery.

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    i don't think it would.

    every time i go camping, i bring my laptop and ps2 and of course, those need an inverter.

    your only worry is using up your car battery.

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    Absolutely not

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    No, it has a fuse on it!

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