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solo songs for jazz/tap/lyrical?

i would really love a variety of songs that i could possibly do a solo to for jazz, tap, or lyrical

please help!

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    "dirty diana" by michael jackson. i did i solo to it and it was so much fun.

    "heartbreaker" or "treat me right" or "hit me with your best shot" by pat benetar. i did treat me right this year.

    "all that jazz" from chicago.

    "when doves cry" by prince

    "sweet dreams" by the eurythmics

    "fever" i like the Sarah Vaughan version, but there are many that you can choose from.

    "black velvet" by alana miles

    "body language" by queen

    "take me or leave me"

    "that girl" by shaggy

    "material girl" by madonna

    "ooh la la" by goldfrapp

    "steam heat"

    "born to be alive"

    "let the bodies hit the floor" drowning pool

    "i'm no angel" by gregg allman. i think this is a great song and you don't hear it often.

    "manhunt" by maren koman

    "pump up the volume"

    "luck be a lady"

    "glamorous life" i don't know the artist though


    "seasons of love" from rent

    "this woman's work" by kate bush

    "right here waiting for you" by richard marx. this is my solo song for this year.

    "faithfully/forever yours" by journey


    "broken vow" by lara fabian or josh groban.

    (a lot of josh groban's songs are good for lyrical solos especially "to where you are", "you're still you" "you raise me up" "so she dances" i would check out his music. he is one of my favorite singers)

    "nora" by blessid union of souls

    "childhood" by michael jackson

    "get here"

    "the letter" by natalie merchant

    "la song" by beth hart

    "samson" by regina spektor

    "landslide" by fleetwood mac

    try celine dion songs. she is a good artist to look to for lyrical songs. i like "i love you, goodbye" "next plain out" "i remember l.a."

    "in the arms of the angels" by sarah mclachlan

    "hallelujah" by rufus wainwright

    "wild horses" by natasha bedingfield

    "love changes everything" by sarah brightman

    "don't want to try" by frankie j

    "belief" by gavin degraw

    "walking in memphis" by marc cohn


    "smooth criminal" by michael jackson

    "tres deseos (three wishes)" by gloria estefan. it is fast and in spanish but very fun.

    "gotta get through this" by daniel bedingfield

    "din da da"

    "ease on down the road" a girl at my school is doing a tap solo to this song this year and it is awesome there is so much you can do with the song

    "i'm gonna get you baby" i don't know the artist but it is from the cd "pulse"

    "everybody, everybody" by black box. i did this song a couple of years ago. and it's a song you don't hear often.

    "hey pachuco"

    "ice ice baby" by vanilla ice

    "let me see your footwork" it's hard to find but it's good. the version i have is by baltimore club music.

    "fill me in" by craig david

    "sandstorm" by darude

    "diamonds are a girl's best friend" i saw someone do it in competition before and it was amazing

    "rock this party"

    i hope my suggestions help!! good luck!! =]

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    breathe me - sia

    hide and seek - sia

    apologize - timbaland feat onerepublic (this was on "so you think you can dance" the other night as a lyrical)

    in the deep - bird york

    sleep - azure ray

    caged bird - alicia keys

    butterflyz - alicia keys

    bridge over troubled water - glen campbell

    I want resolution - florez

    maybe I'm amazed - jem

    forver young - youth group

    you could make a killing - aimee man

    save me - aimee man

    stairway to heaven - led zeppelin


    dirty laundry - bitter:sweet

    all of your love - hellogoodbye

    the (after) life of the party - fall out boy

    put your money where your mouth is - jet

    find a new way - young love (the theme song for "dance life" on MTV)

    starts with one - shiny toy guns

    harder, better, faster, stronger - daft punk (might have to do some editing because the song is only good to dance to about a minute and a half into the song, but it is great and definately something no one else would have)

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    Lyrical: Laava-Wherever you are

    Jazz-Get Up-Ciara

    Tap- 1, 2 step- Ciara

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    try songs from "42nd Street" or "Stomp"

    or "Black Betty"


    "Hey Big Spender" and "If my friends could see me now"- sweet charity

    "You can't stop the beat" and "Welcome to the 60's"- hairspray

    "All that jazz" and "Cell block tango"- chicago


    "Rent" and "One Song Glory"- rent

    "I hope you dance"

    "I'm Alive" and "A new day has come"- Celine Dion

    Anything by Josh Groban

    "Think Of Me" and "Phantom Of The Opera"- Phantom of the Opera

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    For lyrical try Make you Smile. by +44 ive done a lyrical to it

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    Unfaithful by Rhianna, All that Jazz, Do you Believe in Magic by aly and aj

    those are the best ones i kno :P

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    for lyrical i did yellow by coldplay and chasing cars by snow patrol

    my friend did what hurts the most by rascal flatts and it looked really awesome, too

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    for tap i would suggest

    "PJ & Rooster" by Outkast... its' an odd song but good for tap

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