Christians: I have an important prayer request. Thanks?

I just got off the phone with my mom. My grandmother is not doing too well. She is now in a nursing home, but not doing well. I think my mom said her heart is like 40% enlarged, even a simple sneeze will do her harm. She is not wanting to take her medications. The Rabbi told my mom to start making preparations, so my mom is picking out a casket on Friday. So the prayer request is not for my grandmother to continue to live here on earth, but most importantly since I am not in Palmdale, that God will send someone to her so that she can come to know Jesus before it is too late. Please can you help me pray for her to come to salvation before she passes away. Thank you and May God bless you.

PS. Like I said before her name is Evelyn and she is currently in Lancaster, CA. It will be a little harder than most for her to accept Jesus, being she is fairly strong in her Jewish faith, but we all know God is the God of miracles, and the God who saves. God bless.

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    I normally send along my best wishes on these, and I'd be happy to send them along to your grandmother.

    But your request that she drop her lifelong beliefs and adopt yours on her deathbed is wildly inappropriate. You need to take a step back and think about how to cope better with other people. People are not toys for you to play with - your grandmother is an autonomous human being, just like you are, not an object. You'd better learn that lesson now.

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    You need to phrase this a little differently for Jewish people.

    Jesus is an Anglican translation based on a Greek translation of a Hebrew name. Exactly what Hebrew name we do not know, in spite of all the uneducated rigmarole James Cameron spits out. Most Christians think Jesus was Christ's name and those that know it wasn't think it was Yeshua, which it may or may not have been.

    Jews need to place their faith in the Mosiach, sent by God to bring salvation. Have them repent any sins and ask forgiveness in the name of the Mosiach, and do not use the "generic" name for the Mosiach, Jesus, that most Christians use.

    God isn't hung up on names but people often are.

    This is really no time to argue semantics and most people will argue the smallest point on their death bed.

    Remember, when you witness you need to speak in a language the other person understands.

    I am praying for you and your family.

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    I can see that you love your grandmother very much and that you want her to accept God in her heart before she pass. What a wonderful request you made!

    In the name of Jesus

    Lord I first ask you to forgive me of my sins

    I am praying for Evelyn today

    I am praying for you to send your servant to her

    That your servant of God would hear your voice

    That he would anoint her in the name of Jesus

    That he would speak with much authority

    And as he speak on your name Lord

    That Evelyn would repent of her sins

    That she would accept you into her heart

    Bless her family Lord and be with them throughout their sorrows

    And Lord send down a special blessing for her grand daughter that wishes to see her grandmother make the right choices

    I consider it done in the name of Jesus


    May God bless you

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    Satan in The Name of Jesus Christ, Risen from the Dead, I command you to Leave Evelyn in Lancaster, Ca., I break and smash your Plans formed against her Salvation in the Name of Jesus.

    Father, in The Mighty Name of Jesus, Your SON, Send Workers across Evelyn's Path to Present to her the Gospel of Salvation in a Way that she can Accept it--I loose Angels, According to Psalms 91 and Hebrews 1 and 2, to go forth and Bring in those Workers for Evelyn's Salvation.

    I Thank You FATHER for this Great Salvation, in the Name of Jesus.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, we will agree together. I believe that Jesus will reveal Himself to her even if it is during her last breath. We can stand on the scripture "You and your household shall be saved". Back when this was written, extended families lived together under one roof. We can claim this scripture and know that grandma will be with Jesus forever.

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    Yes I will pray for your grandmother Evelyn.

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    I am sorry you & your family are going through this aweful time.

    That said I as a Catholic Christian can not do as you ask.

    Although I do not know her I respect her right to believe anything she wants. She is an old woman who has spent her entire life a Jew and I respect that.

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    I have just prayed for your situation. May God bless you and your family.

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    1 decade ago

    Father God, I pray for Evelyn. I thank You that You know all about her, and You know the day of her death, as You know ours too. My request is O God, for her salvation. Will you convict her of her sin, and bring her to the place of knowing that she needs You as Lord and Saviour? Will You then give her assurance O God that You have saved her, in order that she can know Your peace in her heart, knowing that her eternal welfare is secure.

    I ask You God too, for this dear one who has brought her request for us to pray. I pray that You will help her, comfort her, and give her Your peace and strength in these days. I pray also for the rest of the family, that You will also be with each of them in the same way. I pray that Your Name be glorified in this situation. I ask these things in the wonderful, precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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    God bless from Texas <><

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