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Can you tell me what kind of snake this is ?

I pulled in my driveway today and there was a snake right there on the tree. I spotted him because his tail was on my fence... I don't know much about snakes and I have never in my life seen a HUGE (had to be 4 to 5 foot) GREEN snake... What kind of snake was it? I looked up green snakes and couldnt find much detail except for they only range from 2 to 3 foot????? He had a white belly. Does anyone know???


I live in Georgia, about 25 miles south of Atlanta....

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    Green with a white belly.


    Where in the world are you?

    It makes a difference.

    The size of the snake matters too.

    I think if you look up "Opheodrys" or "Philothamnus" you might find it.

    Those are both harmless species by the way.

    If it is a rough textured green with scales that stick out it might be a species of "atheris" which are poisonous.

    Have fun looking them up.

    I wish I could help more, but just green and white belly without anything else is pretty vague. There are quite a few snakes in the world that match that. Most of them are extremely harmless, and a very few are very dangerous.

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    You didn't say WHERE you are, but if you are in the United States:

    -It was NOT a Green snake, they are tiny

    -There is no such thing as a "Tree snake"

    -There is no such thing as a "Common Garden Snake"

    -There is no such thing as a "gardner snake"

    -It wasn't a Garter snake either

    -There is no such thing as a "Green Tree snake"

    -It was not a rough green snake, they are tiny

    -It was not an Emerald Tree Boa, or Green Tree python, they are tropical

    -It's not a Green tree viper

    -There is no such thing as a Green racer


    you probably saw a Rat snake, Elaphe obsoleta.

    They climb trees. They have white chins and bellies. They grow up to 7 feet, and there is a variant known as the Greenish rat snake. Most specimens are black yellow & gray.

    In some parts of Arizona, there is a green rat snake, that is very rare.

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    My brother has a green snake about 4 ft and its suppsed to live in the trees. He told me its called an emarald tree boa something snake it eats birds.

    I'll try to figure it out one sec maybe a photo can help you out.

    If you're afraid and there arent supposed to be snakes where you live then someone might've let it loose or lost it. Put up flyers saying a green snake was seen if someone has lost it you called ASPCA or animal control and they can get the snake from there

    (thats if you want to call them - they take the snake and hopefully let it lose where its supposed to live or give it a home)

    i dont think its a good idea you try to catch the snake yourself and try to hold it because the snake might be dangerous. Animal control would know what to do and they can give you a number and place if its someones pet so the owner can claim it

    Source(s): a list of snake species that yours may be: ^ my brothers snake ^list of snakes
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    no was just a green tree snake. besides the fact that some sources might say that they only reach a certain length, it is very possible for snakes to reach well over that. o and for a few of the answers above...garter snakes arent green...neither r trouser snakes...and garter snakes do not constrict. plus constricting is not a disease 4 the wise *** who said it was! nor is it an emerald tree snake...those r pythons not a typical yard snake...

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    Common Garden Snake.

    Source(s): At least you better hope so.
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    Sounds like a rough green snake.

    Look at this link.

    It would be much more helpful if we knew which state you were in. Alot of snakes are green with white or yellow bellys. Ive never hear of a venomous one though. Its probably harmless.

    If you could update your state I could probably get you a better answer.

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    Sounds like a tree snake.

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    A tree snake looking for a bird egg.

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    Here is a site you might get some answer from. I believe one of these guys/gals is your snake.

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    Check out this pic at this site and see if this is it. It's the only one I know of with a white belly.

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