question about diabetes and a job.?

I know someone with diabetes and doesnt work. When he discovered he had diabetes about 2 years ago. When he got it he got blurred vision in his eye. He was suppose to go back to work but he didnt bc he started to get SSI. After awhile he said he was better but his eye will always acted up. After numerous times at the eye doctor getting laser treatment for his eye, he claims that his eye is the same or worse. All he does is sit around and tries to get pitty out of people and its really getting annoying. I told him to go back to work but he says he cant bc he is "sick" He still drives, especially at night, redid a whole bathroom and cut tiles very good for a bad eye, tore down wall, painted, etc.. He lifts heavy things when he was told not too. Also the doc said he may of not had diabetes it might of been high blood pressure. Also his action speak louder then his words. My question he really sick or is lazy and does not want to go back to work?


Another thing too is that he has 6 kids and is trying to get money out of them bc they work. He says 2 parents supported them and 6 kids cant support 2 parents. They work very hard especially in the heat and cold days and dont make alot but just enough for themselves. They got jobs to save there parents money. One is just in school and he tries to get money out of him. He tell them he knows people that give up school to help there parents. He treats them like garbage and expects money from them in return. Also his wife works and she has an enlarged heart and she can barley walk. He just sits home and is waiting for money to come for him. He also got offered a job with more money and less hours then his previous, but he turned it down bc of his "bad" eye. It just makes me sick that someone is taking advantage of SSI and trying to squeeze money and pity from there own kids.

Update 2:

I was just really curious bc it just bothers me. He is 59 yrs old and I would think he would complain about age, he uses he diabetes as an excuse. He thinks his life is older, I have seen 80 yr old men do more work then him. If you seen his actions you would know he is ok to work.

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  • John B
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    I have diabetes but also have Parkinsons times I can do a lot of regular things............. then at times I can bearly move or get around to do a simple chore.

    He does sound like he's using the system then again I can make that determination only a doctor can..

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  • Huba
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    People will use any excuse to game the system. He is not sick in the sense that he is physically ill; he may have developed a handicap - poor eyesight - but otherwise, from your description, he could be doing something productive.

    Diabetes does affect the eyes in that blood flow to the eyes is lessened. Doesn't mean a person is incapable of working to support themselves.

    Sounds like one less person to hang around altho' I feel sorry for his wife and kids who are now burdened with this leech.

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    It sounds like this person is determined to be a ward of the state. By that I mean he is going to milk his diabetes for all it's worth.

    There is no reason why he can't work. I'm type 1 and I hold down a full time job with no problems at all. I'm an EMT by profession.

    It's people like this who are on SSI with no medical reason to be that makes it harder for people who truly need assistance be able to get it. It's a damn shame.

    It's not just diabetics who do this. There are people with other illnesses or conditions who think they are disabled because of a disease that are perfectly capable of working, yet don't. I don't know why. Are they lazy? Selfish?

    I don't get it either. Unfortunately, until SSA starts cutting these people off and telling them to get off their duffs and work like the rest of us, I don't know what to tell you.


    There are people out there who are totally and completely blind...yet they work full time and lead full, active lifestyles. They don't consider themselves disabled. It's more like "visually impaired". I don't see them letting it slow them down at all. Hmmm...

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    He's lazy. There's no reason a person with diabetes can't work. Blurry vision in one eye is no excuse - blind people work. Sad isn't it, that people who need and deserve assistance like this can't get it and dirtbags who could be out working are lying and cheating the system. lovely

  • Neka
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    1 decade ago

    I know plenty of diabetics that work 40 hr a week jobs. Sounds like he is using it as an excuse.

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    It sounds like he has dug a rut and is resistant to getting out of it.

    There are tons of successful people who have diabetes and jobs (despite complications).

    It sounds like he could benefit from a diabetes support group. You may want to ask around your area to see if one exists.

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    i have diabetes, and last summer i averaged a 60hr work week. been diabetic since 2001, and i would be back at work now except for being hospitalized for a month earlier this year.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like he is milking the system. Talk to the Social Security people about the fraud.

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