north american katydids?

what do north american bush katydids eat

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    "Most katydids can be categorized as opportunistic omnivores. This means that although many of them specialize on certain kinds of food, such as insects or leaves, they will nevertheless accept other food if the opportunity arises. For example, the great majority of species of the subfamily Phaneropterinae, a group you are most likely to encounter if you live in North America, feed on leaves and flowers of a variety of plants. Still, many will eat other plant material, such as fruits or vegetables, and some are known to attack and eat insects, including members of their own species."

    "Other katydids that you may run across quite frequently in North America are members of the cone-head subfamilies, especially the genus Neoconocephalus. Most of them are grass and seed feeders. In captivity you can feed them with carrot and sunflower seeds, as well as fresh blades of grass (try to give them the same species of grass on which you found the insects)."

    "Occasionally you may find other species of katydids, such as shield-backed katydids (genus Atlanticus and its relatives in N. America, Decticus and close genera in Europe). Feed them a mixture of fruits and vegetables as well as freshly killed dead insects"

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