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I am a teacher with a BA Ed., can I become a USCG officer with that?

Q2: If accepted and at the completion of OCS, what type of job would I be offered at the USCG?


-I am prior enlisted navy (5 1/2 yrs, E4/HM3) with honorable discharge.

-Not in Ready Reserves, Regular Reserves or IRR

-About to complete a Masters in Education.

-I am 30yrs old with 3 dependents (wife, 2 kids).

-If accepted, I understand that I would have to go through Officers Candidate School (OCS).

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Note more than anything I am not looking to go active duty, I want to become an officer in the reserves.

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    You will have no trouble getting accepted into the Coast Guard OCS program. The kind of job you would be offered would depend on the immediate needs of the service at the time of graduation and your class standing. OOPS I just went back to read details. You would have to do some active duty time. The Coast Guard does not take officers straight into the reserve units. You must complete at least a single tour in active duty. Since you are prior service you might get a waiver but probably not.

    Source(s): PO2 USCG
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    Try talking to your local USCG recruiter. That would get you a correct answer faster than asking the masses.

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