Balco Barry, Home run king?


The product of modern science.

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    Here in the USA, you are innocent until proven guilty. REMEMBER???

    Duke lacrosse players.

    Michael Vick hasn't been convicted of anything.

    Besides, BALCO Barry won't be the home run king for long. A guy named Pujols and a guy named ARod are cruising along.

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    Don't worry about it too much.

    While Barry will the "home run crown" within the next week or 2, barring injury or jail time or pitchers just not throwing to him, there are a number of hitters who will replace him within the next 5-10 years. All he can do now is pad his numbers a little.

    A-Rod and Pujols top the list right now.

    A-Rod is 32-33 and already at 500.

    Too bad Griffey Jr was hurt all those year or else we'd be seeing him at around 700+ HRs and being able to pass Barry before the end of the decade.

    The real question is, will anyone sign him next season. He is currently healthy and would make an ideal DH, but at a very high financial price.

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    Barry this Barry that im getting tire of this guy being talked about ok he might have taken steroids but he was smart enough not to get caught with it. Anyways from the mid 80's to 2003 imagine how many players could have taken steroids because there was no testing for it. so we just have to live with it. Well you haters just have to put up with the home run record for another 5 to 6 years because Arod is right behind him

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    Feeling, thinking, and believing are not fact and that is exactly why the grand Jury can't get an indictment. Until the time comes, which I don't believe it ever will, where they can make a case against Bonds, he is home free with all the benefits and glory associated with his life long accomplishments. Like you, many other fans would like to have their own beliefs become fact but it isn't going to happen. I am against the use of drugs just as much as you or anyone else but there is such a thing as "Due Process".

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    Duh, whomever does not know that Barry Bonds or others took steroids and HGH probably have been locked up in prison or stranded on a deserted island since 1998!!!!!

    Anyways, the company is not called BALCO. I drive past it every day and they changed it to SNAC, just to confuse the Barry Bonds haters.

    So what if he took drugs while they were "LEGAL"? I take steroids for asthma but does that help me hit HR's or pitch the ball over 100mph? No they dont!!!!!

    Even that scientist is clueless if he just suddenly realized that ballplayers took drugs since the ice age.....

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    Whether you like it or not he's going to break the record. Until Mlb says he failed a steroid or drug test nothing will be done about it.

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    leeeeeeeeet it go

    but so that you know.

    babe ruth was caught more than once using a corked bat. matter of factly THE RULE AGAINST USING CORKED BATS. was put in place BECAUSE OF RUTH. and to think Ruth had to use a corked bat even while playing on a field that had a right field wall of 289 and a left field wall of 290 (softball fields are bigger).

    george sisler was caught using a bat with nails in it the year he hit his then record hits in a season.

    but it makes sense ruth used a corked bat ..i mean after look at that swing.

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    I didn't need that story to know that, I watched him play in Pittsburgh when he weighed 175 lbs.

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