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In the game need for speed carbon can you take your car for a free drive and go againts the cops like in need for speed most wanted?And is there even cops in the game?

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    1 decade ago
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    In Need for Speed: Carbon, cops are everywhere. Authorities are notified about the player's deviant driving habits once a race is completed or if the player's driving habits are disturbing during free roam mode. As with Need for Speed: Most Wanted, there are 5 conditions. If the player's driving is attention-getting to local authorities, State or even Federal Authorities will pursue the player. The quality of pursuit equipment (ranging from standard police cruisers to Federal-issue Corvettes) depends on the condition level the player is in. Pursuit Breakers are also available to distract authorities as well. In some cases the last police vehicle type will not leave the persuit even after destroyed.

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    1 decade ago

    OK i have it on xbox 360 and yes you can go for a free ride like just cruising around the city which is free mode and YES if you start to drive fast and hit cars the cops will be on a lookout and as soon as they spot you all the heat comes so start driving realll fast

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