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Surgical Menopause , HRT and Pain problems (great lol)?

Hi all

I had a full Hystertomery 3 yr ago i was 27yrs, been on HRT implants since then which have been fine up till now, i am suffering from Tachyphylaxis (my body is addictive to the HRT).

Does anyone know if this can cause severe pain and Reaccuring Kidney infections ?

I have recently have 2 bad spells of being in hospital with severe pain , sickness, they say it was a severe kidney infection i was treated with IV PPI and Antibiotics and released on a PPI.

Kidney scan was fine, ultra sound was fine having a Gasteropsy tomoz ?

Now they also are saying i MAY have adhesions causing a blockage from my Hysteo. ( typical NHS guess work )

Now is my HRT causing all of this ?

Also i am worried as i'm not sure which HRT i will be replaced with and my flushing is ridculous litually every 2-3 mins at the moment horrendous.

What with the pain and flushes it is affecting my whole life, i'm of work again due to my illness and basically feel like SH1T.

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    HRT has its own problems like an increased risk of breast cancer etc but kidney infections are not attributed 2 HRT. U must take lots of water especially if u r living in hot environment.

    Yes, any operation can cause adhesions which in turn, can cause all kinds of problems like abdominal pains by blocking various organs in the abdomen like intestines etc.

    U haven't mentioned where r ur pains located?

    One has 2 get used 2 the flushes & try hard 4 that. Being young, u have a long way 2 go & HRT should not b carried as an extra baggage. Remember our grand mothers never had HRT!

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