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Why do people hate me?

I feel everyone hates me, I don't know why. :(

Do you and other people hate me? If so, why?

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    Anyone who would hate someone they did not know is plainly an ignoramus!

    Why are you generalizing L.G.?

    Have you not learned by now that posting such a provoking question to people who may abuse it, just for the hell of practicing mean-spiritness is asking as through a loud speaker system, to further burden with their venom?

    I am not speaking, please understand of all people in this website, because it has been proven to me, there are HERE very good, healthy minded people of heart and soul . . but then, there are some others so poisoned by their own soured nature, that if you show them any vulnerability at all . . they'll devour you for breakfast, lunch and dinner . . even take a snap at you as a snack . . because they are ravenous through a lack of healthy lack of themselves!

    So instead of chewing from their own tails and all around, until they've deservedly swallowed themselves, their cowardliness will compel them o begin eating you!

    There are many people who frequent this website for healthy, helpful, friendly and SANE reasons . . deal with them.

    Let the boa constrictors take care of their own selves.

    And don't provoke them, as you have just done!

    They'll salivate with anticipation at your posted admission, not wise to ask certain (at-waiting) strangers.

    Source(s): Been there, done the same!
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    this is just a negative feeling due to a negative thought process creeping in.this happens when you have a series of negative experiences or bad luck & start to feel that nothing is going right for you, this in turn starts undermining your self confidence, once that happens you start feeling you are no good & nobody likes you, so on.......... just remember no one NO ONE but YOU YOURSELF can decide your self just stop feeling that you are no good & nobody likes you. the people who you feel dont like may actually like you or maybe not worthy of you.......... if you like yourrself & are sure about yourself the world will love stop brooding...there is so much to life & so much that you can achieve.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sure, ill hate you. Never can have enough enemies, says I. Though I'll admit if you don't live up to this level of respect and care I'll eventually grow bored and disinterested and move on to hating other people. Just like any relaitionship, hatreds take tender loving care to keep healthy and strong. Let me start off by hating you for your race, religion and sexual orientation, please drop some additional information letting me know what they are. Thanks.^^

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    I don't know you, and to the best of my knowledge you have never offended me, so I have no reason to "hate" you. and that's a pretty strong word. what behaviours do you think you exhibit that turn people off? are you sloppy,poorly dressed, unbathed, crude, rude, disrespectful, foul-mouthed, etc? those are all factors that would certainly keep me from becomming too close to someone.

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    why do you feel they hate you are you shy? you cant possibly be hated by everyone unless you are cruel and insensitive. i think you are shy and dont let people see u for who u are.

  • Kerry
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    I think everyone goes through spells where they feel this way. It'll pass.

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    i dont hate u coz i dont know u

    try to do introspection

    don't feel like that... could be just ur feeling

    be good ...

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    r u cute?

    do u talk to much ?

    r u ****** ?

    do u lie ?

    if you say yes to n e of these questions your ****** and thats y no one likes u but i like u so u have 1 new friend hey new friend i need food got n e at your house?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no i dont hate u .. i dont hate anyone cz hating gives them attention... be glad that they spend time of their lives hating you .. they give you value ^^ bt if u dont like them just ignore them.. dont hate them ;P

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    It your view only. You want love ,give your love first. All be fine friend.

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