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mommies, plz rcomend good/comfortable/quality nursing bra..?

i plan to buy at mothercare/spring maternity/moms in mind?

any mommies tried the above b4?

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    I found a fabulous nursing bra from [[]]. They were really helpful and the bra was so comfortable. It comes with an adjustable back extender aswell. They also sell other nursing bits and pieces aswell i think. Hope that helps

  • kinnu
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    4 years ago

    that's meant to be slightly undesirable on your breast and milk bypass to purely pop your breast over the the suitable option of a ordinary bra, which i assume is that selection. although, I wager it would not be that lots of a issue. i might additionally recommend activities bras simply by fact that they're many times extra stretchy - you like something that expands once you do. yet another selection - seek on line for a thank you to make a nursing bra. i'm noticeably specific I got here upon a internet site as quickly as that had training. it would generally be including a hookk to a ordinary bra, yet you will possibly additionally want a 2nd layer so the strap replace into related to something once you unhooked the flap.

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