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Devo music in Movie's?

What movies (circa 80's) had Devo songs as their opening song? I can only think of two right now - Dr. Detroit (Dr. Detroit) and Thrashin' (That's Good). Any others?

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    ...does it HAVE to be 'circa '80's'???

    Damn it!!! (Snap!!) You already pinged on the title that would have come, first and foremost, off the top of my head, namely "Doctor Detroit"


    Opening the parameter window a bit more, say as far as 1995, the second title off the top of my head, bearing a Devo song as the main title theme, would be....."Tank Girl" (1995), and the song, "Girl U Want".

    ...though not used in the opening credit sequence, the Devo hit song, "Through Being Cool" was used within one of the animated stories of the 1980 sci-fi/fantasy, "Heavy Metal", and yet another Devo hit, "Workin' on a Coal Mine" was used in the closing credits.

    ...just thought I'd cover ALL bases, here!!!

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    Would check if there's a movie which featured their song "Whip It".

    Wait. I think their song 'Whip It' was featured in the movie "The Last American Virgin".... not sure though. I would look it up.

    It sure was!!!

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    i dont know if this will help but that whip it song was in raising helen.

    hope it helps

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