Christians, help me understand: Why is belief in creationism so extremely important to you?

The Bible is about love, compassion, morality, even salvation. I think most Christians would agree. I don't think anyone would call it a science book, even when it talks about creation, or say Jesus preached about dinosaurs or how old the Earth is.

Yet modern day evangelicals preach and argue for belief in divine creation often harder than they do even for their core belief in salvation. Look at the questions & answers here. There are many more arguing for divine creation, about the errors and evils of science, and the importance of teaching "Intelligent Design" (which requires belief in God) than there are that talk about salvation and Jesus' love.

Why is belief in creationism so critical to your Christian belief? Why is demonizing science, which put men on the moon and the chips in your computer, so important to you? Why is teaching creationism to all children, even in public schools, and "disproving" evolution, so important to you?

What about Jesus? I'm really curious.

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    I think that the problem is that many people believe that if you let go of the creation, you let everything go. I do not believe that is true. I do believe that God created the world, and everything in it. This belief does not make me hate science, as this to me is only expounding on God's will. I have no problem with stem cell research for instance. If a remedy is available, I think it should be researched. I don't believe in School Prayer. I worked for many years in the school system, and there are people there that I would NEVER want to teach my child anything about either morals or religion. ( Also, this is my job as parent.) I do think that if the ministers today would preach more about the salvation, and the love Jesus brings, instead of condemning people and things just because they are different, there would be more hearts and souls won over.

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    You make an excellent point...Christians (myself included) seem to be much more willing to take a stance on something and argue till bluefaced than talk about salvation....but that is an unfortunate thing since our purpose is not to convince people of our every belief...but rather just to "plant the seed" and share how Jesus is our salvation. Subjects that we get into heated debates over are usually because we want our voice to be heard also....but We must remmeber that the most important words we could utter are that Jesus died for us and rose again and the most important actions we can take are those that show love to others.

    Anyway, I am pro-science. I love my computer, cell phone, and the trillions of things the modern world has to offer through crazy cool technology and science. However, I will say that in my experience science has proved wrong before. It has failed many times. There have been many trials and errors in science. However, God's word and His promises have never failed. God has never failed me, nor will he ever. We can comprehend so little compared to the vast and infinite amount of knowledge the creator has. If he says he did it in 7 days, I believe it, because I I know Him. My faith is not a gut feeling, or chills down my spine, I know my Lord because I know him and I have a relationship with Him, I cannot express in words what it is like, but when you have it you know.

    I cna't tell you HOW He created everything precisely, I could speculate and even come up wiith some evidence to support my claim. Just as evolutionists can do the same, but it is still just a theory. It takes faith to believe in that theory just like it takes faith to believe in creationism.

    Anyway, here is a website that is really cool and talks about this kind of stuff, I hope you enjoy it.

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    I'm a modern day evangelical. I believe in creation. I also believe that God could use any method He chose to create anything. I believe each "day" of creation could have been thousands of years long. I also believe that as the Bible teaches each was made after it's own kind meaning the chicken came before the egg.

    First and foremost, the bible is about salvation. It begins in Genesis 3:15 implying the Messiah's advent on the world, then it ends in Revelation with Jesus sitting on the throne of heaven. Everything in the 66 books is about Jesus' love, compassion and mercy on humankind.

    I don't demonize science. I think God is the author of every thing and He put things together just so we can be amazed at the wonder of it all.

    The law of Deuteronomy tells us that we shoudl wash our hands in running (not stagnant) water. Guess what....? Dr. Lister didn't find that out "scientifically' until the 19th century. Or that life is in the blood -- it took almost 6,000 years for that one to become scientifically proven.

    I think God created the heavens, then stood back and when he walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, said "Wanna see something really cool tonight? Look up in the sky. I call them 'stars.'"

    What about Jesus? He's God made flesh and then he died and rose again so that we wouldn't have to ever "die" eternally, but live with him in heaven. It's the most awe-inspiring plan ever. And for that I am eternally grateful.

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    If Atheism was not being declared a fact, as I was taught in Biology class in high school, then you would have fewer people opposing Evolution. Personally i do not discuss the issue much because being taught Evolution in public school did not corrupt my mind. I suppose I take a liberal stance compared to my brethren, but people like you seem unwilling to compromise. My only desire is that Evolution, if it is taught, to be taught merely as an idea accepted by most scientists, but not teach it as a fact. You need not teach Creationism, my first request is to teach Evolution only academically not indoctrinatingly. By that I mean teach, "According to this theory, humans evolved from a common ancestor with chimps. Here is some of the evidence.....". An indoctrinating method, however, says, "Evolution is true, it is a fact".

    The second should not be taught because it may go against religious beliefs, and because of that it would encroach upon religious liberty. In the same way the public schools cannot indoctrinate Christianity or Islam or Mormonism.

    If you are indeed liberal, you would grant my second request. If a child (not a parent, but the student) does not want to take Evolution or Biology because it conflicts with their religious principles, then let them take an alternate science class, be it Chemistry or Physics, or some other science class that does not antagonize their religious conscience.

    It doesn't matter if Evolution or Creationism is right or wrong. What matters is protecting the conscience.

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    I am just as curious. What it the motivation behind proving evolution? Is it in the exploration of the universe and history, or is it ultimately to show that man evolved? Because it is hard to dispute things far away or millions or years in the past and, so, the more complex the arguments get, the more the obvious is overlooked. I can't see into the past or into the galaxies, but I can look around me here and now. Putting aside the arguements about fossils and bones, there are no living examples of evolving things. Unless the entire process of evolving quit before written history began, there should be billions upon billions of partially evolved and evolving things all around me alive today. There are not.

    It is not critical to Christian belief. It just seems like it, because only Christians discuss the alternative. The better question would be, why do only non-Christians try to prove life evolved and what is their true motivation for doing so?

    Even more strange is that many people who teach evolution believe in a "spirit world" which they do not feel a need to explain. Or, that, if they believe there is no after-life, they are comforted to waste their entire lives explaining how they have no future. Believe me, creationism is critical to you, not us.

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    Im not a sterling christian of course but I have my beleifs and I think the idea of evolution is as to say we evolved and were not made lovingly by a creator well it just seems like it takes away human dignity and dumbs us all down if we beleive that.The Bible as the word of God I beleive it to be touchs me and while science does most certainly have a place on this earth ,Those stories in the Bible of the ark or Jonah being swallowed by a big fish or even of the very first time it rained right before the flood those are all science and history to me.I beleive them sincerley and to teach my child something else seems like being neglectful in him simple human history.. I suppose you have encounter a few fanatical types who hate science but I think most christians have balance and can see actaully that science ,history and the Bible go hand in hand.I think that Jesus wants wants Christians to have balance and use common sense but honestly to think that someone as fine as Jesus descended from an ape? My mind wont even go there.Science has long been respected and used by Christians.Medical science for one many men of God were also healers putting together concoctions of herbs or advising the ill to drink a little wine as Luke did. Also In the Bible there were standards of cleanliness that would certaintly fight illness long before science knew about microrganisms and germs.THere are many scriptures about washing hands,feet, bodies,clothing as well as advice about disposing of the dead,quarantining lepers ect. I guess I beleive the bible to be true and my mind doesnt accept other theories. Thanks for reading my answer.

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    It is very important. I simply feel as though Atheist are on the outside looking in and the window is dirty. We answer questions all the time and even politely in the face of perversion. The perverse nature of the questions makes a huge difference on whether it is worth answering in the first place. Believer try to always bring up that God is holy and that He loves us. It is not only necessary but it is the only way to put the focus on God and the person asking own personal relationship. If you have never experienced love that is one thing but if you have never experienced the power of God's love then that is a completely different story. It is something you need to experience for yourself. I cannot give you my faith. The person has to be willing to risk themselves, there own fears and doubts, as well and there maybe false beliefs and go out on a limb for themselves. Believe. Ask questions but pray first. I cannot make you or anyone pray. But it takes faithful prayer to sometimes be able to receive an answer that may not be forthcoming for years. Can you hold out or do you just want my first hand account that you will probably not understand anyway. James 1:2-7 reflects this type of 'encounter that you have been having...The only way to have to encounter is to submit to or to say 'Yes' to God. James 1 2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. 6But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; 8he is a double-minded man, unstable

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    They probably teach creation so much because in todays world, more and more atheist and scientist are popping up talking about creation as well, they try to disprove christianity with it so some just try to explain to them first that this is what happened and when they start believing that, then they might start even believing in God.

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    Oh I agree with you. I see the Genesis 1 issue as being laregly irrelevant to salvation (God did it, HOW he did it is not quite so important). Which is not to say that I'm not interested in it. I'm quite fascinated by Genesis 1 and science.

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    Religion is a delusional belief. And people who believe in it need to believe that in order to remain sane.

    If they let go of their belief in creationism, they have to acknowledge reality, and it's very uncomfortable for them.

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