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What is the best instrument to play to get a scholarship for any college?

I play trumpet right now and am going into 9th grade. I used to play piano and my mom and dad say I can only take lessons for one instrument. So I quit piano and have decided to take trumpet lessons. Was that a wise move for a college scholarship? Also, what would be the easiest instrument to get a scholarship for. Besides something really REALLY BIG like the tube. I would think an unpopular instrument would be something I would want to look into to improve my chances of getting a scholarship to a college.

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    You can get free scholarship info here:

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    A lot of schools will pay you to join their bands. Especially if you join their marching band.

    Source(s): Pick a few colleges/universities and check with their band directors.
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    Skin flute. I've been playing it for years and everyone loves me.

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    Harp. Minor in Harp and you don't have to pay for college.

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