American Eagle?

Is the American Eagle Outfitters the same brand as the American Eagle shoes sold at Pay Less?

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    American Eagle sues Payless Shoesource

    April 20, 2007

    WARRENDALE, Pa. --Clothing retailer American Eagle Outfitters Inc. said Friday it filed a lawsuit against shoe retailer Payless ShoeSource Inc. alleging the company misled consumers to believe it is selling genuine American Eagle merchandise.

    American Eagle said Topeka, Kan.-based Payless is marketing shoes and accessories with advertising and promotional materials that look and feel like American Eagle's marketing style.

    American Eagle also said Payless is falsely claiming to be the exclusive source of American Eagle's merchandise creating consumer confusion.

    It said the confusion arises from Payless' acquisition last year of American Eagle brand of footwear and accessories from Jimlar Corp.

    "Our most valuable asset is our brand," said Neil Bulman Jr., American Eagle Outfitters' vice president and general counsel, in a statement. "The mounting public confusion that Payless created has compelled us to take this action."

    The company said Payless is unfairly benefiting from American Eagle's brand.

    American Eagle is seeking a court order to require Payless to eliminate the misleading impression it is selling American Eagle merchandise.

    Representatives of Payless were not immediately available for comment.

    Shares of American Eagle added 64 cents to close at $30.89, while Payless shares gained 37 cents to finish at $33.98, both on the New York Stock Exchange.


    That should say it all


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    The clothing store is called AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS where as the shoe brand is just AMERICAN EAGLE. They're merely copying the store to get more profits! As you can see, the logo is different also.

    PS: Give Tina best answer! That's really interesting, I didn't know they filed a law suit!

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    They are not the same. Do not believe anyone who tries to tell you so. They are just a cheap imitation because they can use American Eagle since technically it isn't really copyrighted. Since American Eagle (aka ae) is a shortened version of American Eagle Outfitters, AEO is the true name and American Eagle at payless is able to copy it. Don't believe those who say that yes it is, because they have no clue what they are talking about.

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    NOOOOO, they are not!!! Don't listen to anyone that says they are!! This was annoying the heck out of me the other day that they had to name them the same!!! American Eagle Outfitters sells their own shoes at their own store!!!!

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    I don't think so...

    American Eagle has their own stores so I don't think they would sell their clothes at another place, especially pay less.

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    American Eagle is a brand made up at Pay Less!

    They just copied tha name,

    -rolls eyes-

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    No, It is a totally different brand and company.

    Source(s): I just know?!?!?!
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    Yes. There was an advertisement in Seventeen magazine I was reading. It said "American Eagle. Now exclusively at Payless."

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    yes they r the same brand but u c the ones at payless are just cheap knock offs and made 2 b more affordable so i mean they're not the real thing but they r ya no?

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