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I am a teacher with a BA Ed., can I become a USCG officer with that?

Q1: Can't you edit your question once you place it in this forum?

I had to rewrite the question and resubmit it because I couldn't edit the previous one.

Q2: If accepted and at the completion of OCS, what type of job would I be offered at the USCG?

-I am prior enlisted navy (5 1/2 yrs, E4/HM3) with honorable discharge.

-Not in Ready Reserves, Regular Reserves or IRR

-About to complete a Masters in Education.

-I am 30yrs old with 3 dependents (wife, 2 kids).

-If accepted, I understand that I would have to go through Officers Candidate School (OCS).


Note more than anything I am not looking to go active duty, I want to become an officer in the reserves.

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    ...why don't you call the "local" Coast Guard recruiting office and ask them !!!

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    Sure, it's a bachelors degree. Should come in as a line officer.

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    2nd lt , instructor as mos. have fun and thanks.

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