Where is the best BBQ in Los Angeles, CA?

Where can I find really good BBQ in LA? Especially RIBS!

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    Good question Julia! I thought Lucille's was laughably bad and overpriced. Then again, I'm from Texas and have also eaten BBQ in Kansas City and Memphis.

    Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach is OK and so is Smokin' Mo's in Huntington Beach, it has a good pulled pork sandwich.

    Here's a top 10 list of best BBQ in LA I found online. I haven't been to any of them. Although I plan on trying some of them now!

    The Bear Pit Barbecue 12/20

    10825 Sepulveda Blvd.

    Mission Hills, CA 91345


    Since the 1950s, The Bear Pit has maintained a loyal following for its hickory-smoked barbecue, including excellent baby-back ribs and generous sandwiches. More...

    Benny's Bar-B-Q Barbecue Quick Bites

    4077 Lincoln Blvd.

    Marina del Rey, CA 90292


    You can smell the barbecue cooking at Benny’s from at least two blocks away! More...

    Boneyard Bistro Barbecue 13/20

    13539 Ventura Blvd.

    Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


    The loud atmosphere shouldn't deter diners from stopping in at this lively bistro that serves up loads of barbecue and ribs. More...

    Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler, Texas Barbecue Barbecue Quick Bites

    8136 N. Sepulveda Blvd.

    Van Nuys, CA 91402


    Tangy Texas hot links, way-above-average spareribs, tender chicken and juicy beef brisket. More...

    J.R.'s Barbecue 11/20

    3055 S. La Cienega Blvd.

    Culver City, CA 90232


    J.R.'s has built a brisk trade for its smoky, tender baby back ribs. More...

    Mr. Cecil's California Ribs Barbecue Quick Bites

    12244 W. Pico Blvd.

    Los Angeles, CA 90064


    Mr. Cecil's satisfies the desire for great, meaty ribs and all the fixin's, including baked beans, hushpuppies and coleslaw. More...

    Mom's Bar-B-Que House Barbecue Quick Bites

    14062 Vanowen St.

    Van Nuys, CA 91405


    Some of the city’s best barbecue. More...

    Phillips Barbecue Quick Bites

    4307 Leimert Blvd., Ste. 3

    Los Angeles, CA 90008


    Take-out is the only option at Phillips but the ribs and beef links are worth the drive. More...

    The Pig Barbecue Quick Bites

    612 N. La Brea Ave.

    Los Angeles, CA 90036


    Genuine Memphis-style barbecue in L.A. More...

    Zeke's Smokehouse Barbecue 13/20

    2209 Honolulu Ave.

    Montrose, CA 91020


    Top-drawer barbecue in sleepy downtown Montrose. Ribs, Texas brisket and Carolina pulled pork are excellent, ditto for the "Kick-*** Chili". More...

    Source(s): LA Weekly also has a list of their favorite BBQ. http://www.laweekly.com/index.php?option=com_lsd&t...
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    I know of two places that the BBQ is out of this world.

    the bear pit in mission hills on sepulveda blvd

    Hogley wogley's is OK I did not like the small seating area.

    then in los angeles A place call texas bbq. Its on sunset right across from evans adult school and right before china town. Its not a fancy place at all but the food is good.

    both are very reasonably priced dinner for 2 under 30 bucks.

    Ribs are tasty. Happy eating

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    Personally, I like Lucille's BBQ.

    Their reviews:


    Their location:


    Question: What meats do you smoke and for how long?

    Answer: We smoke and cook the following meats in our smoker oven for the approximate times:

    Baby Back Ribs 3-4 hours

    Pork Roast 10-12 hours

    St. Louis Ribs 3-4 hours

    Ham 6-8 hours

    Beef Ribs 4-5 hours

    Chicken 2-3 hours

    Tri Tip 4-6 hours

    Pork Chops 2-3 hours

    Turkey Breast 3-4 hours

    Question: Why do your meats have a pink color?

    Answer: The Hickory wood smoking process adds a slightly pink color to the meats. All of our meats are fully cooked.

    Question: What is Mop sauce?

    Answer: Mops are simply a thin baste, sauce or marinade that generally contains the natural juices of the meat that can be used as a baste during the cooking process as well as being used like a gravy on the finished meats. Generally the sauce is mopped up with bread while enjoying BBQ dishes.

    Source(s): PS I think they use cherry wood for the bbq.
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    Phillips is ok. But Woody's better. Woody's has a location on Slauson Ave. about a block or two before Crenshaw. The sides are good. Lucille's is a chain. Its good but not authentic. Lucilles has good sides though. The Cheese grits are smooth and subtle while the fried green tomatoes are lovely.

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    definatly phillips in south LA,call in your order unless you feel like waiting,but its absolutely awesome. if you want to try something on the north end theres the Bear pit off the 118 and sepulveda and if you want a decent chain restaraunt go to wood ranch

    Source(s): im a foodie
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    I have heard this place is the best!


    Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ

    8136 Sepulveda Blvd

    Van Nuys, CA 91402

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    For a chain restaurant, Lucielle's is o.k. but really good bar-b-que is found in the hole in the wall joints. Myself I'm one for Woody's bar-b-que. There are 3 locations 2 in LA and another in Rancho Cucamonga, Real Good Food!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My vote goes to The Swinging Door in North Hollywood - http://www.swingingdoorbbq.com/

    Not at ALL fancy, but XLNT!

  • 1 decade ago

    ever try Lucille's?

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