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How do I untangle a roadbike chain while it's still on the bike?

Alright, I'll admit, I was a little drunk when I started this little DIY endeavor. That said, one of my links was stuck so I decided to soak the chain overnight in solvent so I could butter it up this morning to ride. Rather than hammering out a link and taking it off of the bike itself, I loosened the rear wheel out of the dropout and let the chain (and affected link) sit in the solvent. SOMEHOW it tangled itself overnight (seriously), and there are three "loops" in it. How can I untangle it without removing the chain? And no, I do not want to take it to a shop for this. Thanks in advance!


Okay, edit. This is not my fixie, this is a 10 speed Bianchi Strada. That's why I didn't want to take it completely off. The chain itself is undamaged (unbent, the kink is now loosened). I, of course, looked up the nature of the solvent that I used, but you may be right, might be time for a new chain anyway.

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    I assume that you have a single speed bike and were able to take the chain completely off. I am intrigued by your description of the chain tangling itself up. In theory, with some patience, you should be able to get it straightened out. Another option is to go to a bike store and purchase a tool to pop one of the rivets out so you can stretch the chain out. They run about $10. You can then untangle it. You can also by a new rivet to reconnect the chain.

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    I agree. It may be time for new chain. They actually do not recommend soaking a chain for a prolonged period of time. Certain solvents actually weaken the chain and could lead to breakage.

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    probably easier if you just buy a new chain

    if you have already damaged some of the links, then don't bother trying to "untangle" it

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