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Newark New Jersey?

Searching online, I have found that I could obtain an apartement in Newark Nj around $800 to $900 which is pretty good considering the distance from NYC. Does this sound right? Also, how safe is Newark NJ? I live in Detroit which is the second most dangerouse city in the US so it can be as bad as it is here. Is this true? I'm thinking about moving to newark to obtain a job as an RN once I graduate. DO you think Newark is a good deal. Why do apartments run so low in pricing here considering its so close to NYC?


Gosh, I have a lot of typing erros in my question..sorry

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    Newark is kind of a bad place. If you don't care about it, since you live in a similar area, you should be fine. But there are some good areas too, just do a little research or contact someone from there to help you.

  • joe s
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    If you grew up in Detroit, you won't be shocked by Newark.

    The Ironbound section has it's own character (Portuguese and Brazilian community) and some good restaurants.

    That being said, it is a dump and the City is very poorly run. The current mayor is trying to shake things up, but the reign of Sharpe James still has a grip on the city.

    UMDNJ is in the city, but as others have said, if you want NYC, go to NYC.

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    As a long time former resident of Bayonne, I would suggest it as a place to live. It's close to NYC, but with less congestion and crime than Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth, etc.

    You might also consider Kearny, or North Arlington.

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    I live in NJ and I don't think it is worth living in Newark even for that price.

    It may not bother you as much b/c you have lived in Detroit.....but it is still a scary neighborhood. Its the kind of town you would have all ur doors in your car locked even when driving the car and would never walk the streets at night. Even during the day I wouldn't want to be around that area.

    I would keep trying to look in other neighborhoods even if the commute is a little further. It can be really difficult finding a good apartment in a decent neighborhood.

    Here are a few apartments around 900-1000 dollars a month that are in better neighborhoods (basically anything is better than Newark or Paterson, NJ).

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    I grew up in Detroit and have lived in NYC for almost 8 years. My wife is an RN.

    If you want to come to NYC to experience the city, then FORGET about Newark. I'd suggest moving to Brooklyn or Queens and ditch your car.

    We're in Bay Ridge close to Lutheran Medical Center.

    PM me if you like.

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    Try Jersey City..pricing is similar, there are some really nice neighborhoods and you're 5-10 minutes away from NYC by car, less if you take the PATH. Bayonne, too.

    Source(s): I live here
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    Personally, I thought Newark was a dump. That's just my opion though. The people were rude and traffic is insane. I will never go there ever again.

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    Well, if you make a turn on red at 1:00am when the sign says "no turn on red - 8am to 4pm" you might get a ticket. I sure did back in '97. Because of it, it take the bus and train over there. I think if I wasn't in a Accord SEi, they'd leave me alone.

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    Newark is certainly NOT a place to be walking around at night or alone!

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