Any opinions on Radiance Salon & Rejuvenation Spa in Ashburn, VA?

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    Here are some reviews on The Radiance Salon & Spa in Ashburn.

    I have been to this salon four times, all with the same hair stylist, and each time I've gotten a consistently great haircut and highlights. The first time I went, my color wasn't exactly as I wanted it, so I went back, the stylist redid it to my satisfaction, and didn't charge me. I have also had two eyebrow waxings there, each time with a different technician, and both times the tech was friendly and personable and did a great job.

    Front desk staff is painful but once you get past that, the massage therapists are all very good. I cringe when I have to call in to set an appointment because the staff is so painfully rude, it is almost unbearable. If the therapists weren't so great, I would definitely look for another place to go

    I had the laser treatment for bikini line. It worked great, and I finally feel confident. I had a great relationship with the technician.

    Visit date: November 2006

    The salon provides a great ambiance and great service for hair, nails, facials, etc... However, I found this to NOT be true for their laser hair removal treatment; quite the opposite, actually. I got the six recommended treatments done, and at the end had awful results; with much more facial hair than I had prior to having any treatment. Yet, when I spoke to the person who had provided the treatments, she attributed the results to hormonal changes and recommended that I buy more treatments. Awful. I should have left it to a professional, and recommend you do the same.

    I went the Radiance for the first time on a gift certificate, and I found it to be the best salon and spa in the area. Not only did I get an excellent hair cut and style from a stylist who teaches color to Elizabeth Arden, but I had a relaxing massage.

    They call themselves a rejuvenation spa. There is even a plastic surgeon who performs botox, laser hair removal and facial cleansing facials. That is my next step.

    I was even greeted by a girl who asked whether she could go get a Robek Smoothie for me. Nobody else around here compares

    Excellent customer service, wonderful massage, and friendly staff. Exactly how I expect to be treated. Big thumbs up.

    Visit date: October 2005

    Although the employees are attentive and make for a relaxing experience, this strip mall spa lacks the experience and style of higher end boutiques.

    Visit date: September 2005

    I wasn't sure about getting Botox at a salon and spa but my sister convinced me to go for a free consultation. I met with a Physician's Assistant named Sarah, and she totally put my mind at ease. This is not one of those "botox parties" that everyone warns you to stay away from. This is a professional medical spa that just happens to look a lot nicer and feel more welcoming than a doctor's office. I would definitely recommend it to my friends --- except then they would know that I do Botox!

    This Is What Ashburn Was Missing!

    I am so grateful that there is finally an upscale salon and spa in my neighborhood --- and I no longer have to schlepp to Tyson's to get my hair done. In the last few months, I've become a "regular," especially since I keep learning about services that I've never seen in a salon before --- like Botox and IPL. I tried Radiance for its convenience, but I'm a "regular" because they get it. And it doesn't hurt that they serve beer and wine either!

    I've been a Radiance customer since the salon opened, mostly coming in for a hair cut every 6 weeks, but I have also gotten massages, waxes, and madi/pedis. Radiance is a superbly maintained salon and spa with a very polite and well-trained staff. Radiance is one of the few salons I have been to that provides high level services without being "snooty": it has an extremely friendly atmosphere. My haircuts are always perfect, exactly what I ASKED for, NOT what I was talked into. (My stylist takes the time to ask me how I want my hair styled after I get it washed and cut instead of just drying it and sending me on my way - something that doesn't happen at the HairCuttery down the street). I have only treated myself to one massage at Radiance, but the experience was wonderful, my masseuse extremely professional and friendly, and it left me rejuvenated and relaxed. Also - it might sound crazy - but every eyebrow wax I have ever gotten at Radiance has been nearly PAIN-FREE (don't ask me how they do it - it is amazing!). The women who do the waxing are absolute geniuses and always check with me along the way to make sure I am pleased with the shape of my brows! My mani-pedis have always been great and usually last a very long time so I only need to do minimal touch-ups in between. Perhaps the only downside to the salon and spa is the price - while I am willing to pay the extra $$$ for their marvelous hair cuts and nail services, I see no point in forking over $40+ for bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It is a pain to be pestered to purchase said items after a few relaxing hours. Still, this is without a doubt the very best salon and spa in Ashburn and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to be pampered!

    I hope these reviews help you. For other spas in the area see

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