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some one know about a program or free program to burn Cd's?

please tell me were i can download a free cd burning program

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    i think, CDBurnerXP Pro will be your best FREE solution!


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    There is a CD burning software built into XP if that is what you use and also Vista I believe.

    If you are running Ubuntu or another version of Linux then K3B is the most powerful burning programming around and being Linux it is of course Free!

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    If you're just after making audio CD's then Windows Media Player can do that for you.

    if you want to do more then have a look at which is what I used to use before buying a new PC. ImgBurn is also good but a bit complicated.

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    Hi.You don't need to get any program as it should already be there in the CD which came along with the CD Writer when you purchased it.

    It may be Nero or easy CD creator or something else.Please search it.

    Source(s): For free CD burning software search at Don't forget to set the search filter as "free"
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    Ahead Nero works great in CD burning. but please be reminded that you can only burn CD if you have a CD/DVD rewritable drive. And Nero always comes out of the package.

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    There is a great program out there that I have used. It is a free download. Its called InfraRecorder and will also burn DVDs if you have a DVD burner. Good luck.

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    First what operating system, if xp you already have it. If another go to ask Jeeves and do a search or

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    you already have it in windows media player or you can get nero burning rom

  • Vidya
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    1 decade ago

    google 'nero'

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