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CM day before period is due?

I had white cloudy cm yesterday and i am due on my period today. What does this mean. The 2ww is killing me. If i have not started my tomorrow i am goning to do a test wheat do you think?


defo not got an std as only ever had 1 partner & i know what a yeast infection is like cause already has one

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    The cloudy cm is normal for the day before your period, unless there is a smell. If you have a smell then definitely go to the doc. Otherwise it is completely normal. Your cm makes several changes over the course of your cycle. Toward the beginning and end of your cycle the cm is white to yellow in color and thick and sticky. Moving closer to ovulation your cm begins to thin and gets stretchy and becomes more like "egg whites" in consistency. The "experts" say that you are most fertile when your cm is like egg whites. Definitely take the pg test if no period. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I understand how hard the 2ww is. The best advice I can give you is don't listen to people when they tell you, you have plenty of time..... It is frustrating and most of the the people telling you that don't understand how hard it can be for some women! Keep your head up. The stress will definitely impair things. I am not perfect by any means and get down on myself quite a bit. But you do need to just keep at it. Eventually you will get what it is that you want most! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost 10 years, and we are still trying. It is hard at times, especially when it is so easy for many, and so hard for us!

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    Hmm...maybe you should go ahead and take a HPT. According to WebMD 2 days before you period is the most effective day for a HPT. I took one and had one dark line and one really really faint line and then it kind of just dissappeared.

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    nicely, i exchange into on clomid very final month (5-9) and an afternoon to my AF I had adequate EWCM, rather stretchy and all and that i exchange into perplexed. i circulate to tell u ur AF is on the way. i'm rather sorry. I honestly have 31-33 day cycles. at diverse hand tho, u might prefer to be pregnant. infant dusts to us!!!

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    I think you could have an std or a yeast infection go get checked

    Source(s): Seventeen magazine
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