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toronto hotels?

ok so im going to toronto and i want a very nice hotel on yonge street close to finch ave. and close to the airport. please only people who live in toronto answer. thank you

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    There are few hotels on Yonge Street. However there is a very good subway that goes up to Finch. Its 45 minutes on the subway from right Downtown. The airport is about 40 minutes away from Yonge Street.

    If you stayed at the Bond Hotel on Dundas Street East at the corner of Bond Street It is about a block away from the Subway station on Yonge. About a 4 minute walk to the Subway station.

    At the Subway station you can buy a TTC day or Metro pass and travel all day on it. It costs about $9.00 per day or $33.00 per week. This way you can go up and down the subway all you want.

    And the Bond Hotel is very close to late evening shopping and very good restaurants in any cuisine you want. Its a nice hotel.

    They have an Airport Express Bus every half hour into that area. It costs about $10.00 each way.

    And the city has a lot of limousine services and they range from $45 to $60 which isn't bad and a lot of fun.

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    Yonge and Finch is nowhere near the airport.

    There is a Novotel that is one subway stop from Yonge and Finch, on Yonge St. Check that out, I guess... I don't think there are any hotels at Yonge and Finch.

    P.S. I think the person above me works for the Bond Hotel or something... LOL. Yonge and Dundas is a pretty krusty area, and is far from both Yonge and Finch and the airport.

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    I have two suggestions for you (I've personally stayed at both): 1. In Etobicoke (which is by Pearson airport and near Kipling subway station), stay at the Valhalla Inn. It is amazing! The prices are not bad, the rooms are great, there's a free airport shuttle, food is fab, there's a taxi stand, it's 1 min. from a bus stop, and it's just beautiful. It's right by the freeway, but I never noticed any noise when I was in the hotel. I don't know the exact distance from downtown, but it's still in the city of Toronto (area: Etobicoke), I believe it's a 30 min. max. drive to downtown, 10 min. to airport, and 40-60 min. by transit to downtown. 2. Hotel Victoria. This one is also very cheap (I got a room for $120 last May), and it's in the heart of Toronto. My view wasn't great (it was an alley), but I know that some views are really good from the hotel. It is near some good restaurtants like East Side Mario's, the Spagetti Factory, and some deli restaurant in BCE place. Again, the room was good, although a little small. Hope this helps!

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    Yonge and Finch is not close to the airport. But there are plenty of hotels, nice ones, near the airport. Check out

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    those places you listed suck

    you need to consider being downtown

    if you are going to be in the city

    the airport and yonge and finch are barren wastelands

    for real

    do more homework!!

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    I agree with pusher

    Downtown is the place to be

    Cambridge Suites is nice

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