i asked the question of wether or not someone could take you land by paying your taxes without your permission

to add more detail to this question, i live in texas and my father and i lived on the same piece of land which i inherited when he passed away. the will is still in probate and the executor of the estate and two other people involved have been horrible.this has been going on since 2002 and these people have literally done every they could to destroy my life and go against everything that my father wanted and we worked so hard planning for.i live in a small town and every lawyer i have hired does good at first and then,its just like talking to them.even the judge that signed my fathers will has said that what they have done is cruel and inhumane.and i dont know where to go for help now.every one says thats for the courts to decide.how corrupt is the town of kirbyville tx. i cant get help.

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    It sounds like your lawyers, once they get into the details of the case, have found that these other people have, what appears to be, a reasonable claim. You can do nothing but rave here, in which case the court will likely enter a default judgment for them and against you. Or, you can stop raving here, work diligently with your lawyer to gather evidence to show that your claim is superior and/or theirs is defective in someway. Do not waste your time going into their character or behavior that is not germane to their claim as the court will not consider it.

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    I am guessing that your late father did not engage the proper legal documentation and language in his will, such that you will receive his property as he wished.

    In the absence of a proper will and other documentation, the assets of your father's estate can and WILL be handled according to the estate/inheritance laws of the State of Texas.

    If you have received such an opinion from a judge, I'd venture that you are embroiled in a legal mess which you will not win.

    Sad to say, the courts are not in the position of deciding right and wrong. Their function is to adjudicate the disposal of your father's estate according to the laws of the land. There is no guarantee that the laws of the land will reflect what your late father intended.

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