nails in tires? theory?

In theory if 4 similar nails were placed under a cars tires one nail for each tire and the car ran over the 4 nails which tire would go flat first?

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    the nails would act as plugs for the holes they made.

    Until one was pulled out, no tire would go theroy.

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    Generally different tires have different wear & tear, so the amount of tire that a nail needs to penetrate to cause troulbe, will vary with the tire.

    The nail might not penetrate all the way.

    The nail might not penetrate any of the way, if it ends up in tread indentation between parts of tread sticking out.

    If front tires knock over nail & not pick up, then rear tires, of car going forwards, have second chance to get nails aimed at front tires.

    Be careful in any experimentation.

    A car going fast with a blowout can result in death for the people inside it.

    If after your experiment, nail still in roadway & punctures someone else tire, they could have cause of action against you for being a danger to people's lives.

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    If the question is "in theory, which of the four tires would be damaged first" my guess would be the driver side's, driving tire. If it is front wheel drive the front driver's side tire if it is rear wheel drive, the driver's side rear tire.

    My reasoning is that the driving tires turn faster and harder initially because they have to overcome the car at rest while the other tires just get pushed or pulled along.

    Also the driver side tires must bear the weight of the driver as well.

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    if the tires would go flat at all it would depend on the PSI of each tire. whichever tire had the lowest would go flat first. But it would also depend on the weight distribution of the car. if the car were on a hill the lower tires may go flat first due to the weight disbursement.

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    Nails don't go flat

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  • is this a joke? they would go down together if they are fitted with inner tubes!...if tubeless tyres they may take sometime and fluctuate according to degree of damage to each tyre!....

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