What is HD Radio?

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    HD Radio is a brand name of a method of digital transmission of AM and FM radio stations. The HD Radio system is unique in that allows stations to broadcast crystal-clear audio and a variety of text-based services, as well as more FM channels, without changing to new frequency bands. (The "HD" in the name is simply part of the trademarked logo. It does not stand for "hybrid digital" or "high definition", as is commonly assumed.)

    The technology was developed by iBiquity Digital Corporation. The Federal Communications Commission selected HD Radio (a hybrid system in which digital signals are sent along with the analog carrier) as the standard for AM and FM broadcasting in the United States. FM stations can offer multiple channels (called "Multicast" channels) on the same frequencies allocated to analog radio stations. iBiquity Digital notes that the system approaches CD quality sound and offers reduced interference and static.

    As of July 10, 2007, more than 1300 stations are broadcasting with HD Radio technology and more than 600 offering Multicast channels. Like traditional AM and FM stations, HD Radio programming is free, but a new radio is required. Brand name (Sony, Cambridge Sound Works, JVC, etc.) HD Radio receivers are available for home and car at major consumer electronics chains, on line and through regional stores.

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