Would you trade your car for an electric one?

If someone offered to exchange your car for an electric car of comparable value, would you make the trade?


(I beg your pardon, afratta437. Before asking questions in the future, I should consult with the republican cyberbully.)

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    Yes, I would make the trade! There is technology available NOW to make an electric car run up to 300+ miles on one charge. Why is it that an oil company owns the company that makes the batteries? Afraid of the competition?

    We are talking about breaking our dependency on foreign oil, yet every year fuel milage on new vehicles BS. How is it that back in the late 70s, early 80s fuel efficiency increased by leaps and bounds, but now, it jumps by 2 mpg, and auto makers expect a technological award.

    Auto makers and oil companies CRUSHED the first electric car since the beginning of the LAST century. There were electric cars and trucks in large numbers running on 19th century technology, yet here we are in the 21st century dealing with global warming, high butt gas prices, SMOG, etc, but we can't make a totally electric vehicle to satisfy US consumers? I don't think so!!!

    The hydrogen car is not a future dream, it's a nightmare. Nothing about it is economical. If you think the electric car is bad, the hydrogen car is multiple times worse.

    There is a company in Australia and one in France working on a car that runs off compressed air. If you haven't heard of either of them, here is a link to help you out.


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    As much as it costs these days to own and operate a vehicle, anything other than gas powered will cost more to purchase, but in the long run will cost less to operate.

    It's sad, I guess the US will have to wait for a foreign auto maker to come in and put that last nail in the coffin before they create a vehicle that the people want. Oh, people DO want an electric car, air car.....anything that will run on something other than gas, but won't do as much harm to the environment. Not that many people want Hummers, but GM produced them. I wil bet my dollar to anyone's penny that more people would be interested in a vehicle that runs off of the means mentioned than the number of Hummers H1 sold. US automakers are getting beat as though they stole something by Toyota. When will they wake up? I guess with 'oil men' in the white house, it will have to be under another president to encourage and FUND research for alternative fuels.....other than hydrogen.

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    Not unless the electric car was the same size as mine (or larger), and had the same range. It would also need to be able to be recharged in the same amount of time as it takes me to fill my gas tank now!

    Seeing as there is no electric car on the market that even comes close to these qualifications, I would not even consider the trade!

    Source(s): 27 years in the auto business
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    Sure would! Electric cars cost like the equivalent of 21 cents a gallon to drive!

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    v-8 RWD only for me.

    people who think they are saving the earth by driving electric cars need to study more.

    where does the electricity come from? coal? natural gas? nuclear?

    hydro electric, wind and solar can't do it alone.

    even with all the generating resources we currently have, we do not have enough for "traditional" uses (rolling black outs and we buy power from canada) let alone the u.s. car fleet.

    please study the issue before you talk.

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    Of Course! I am not an idiot like most of our government officials who are doing nothing to combat global warming.

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