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Tax cuts by Bush.?

Do you know Bush is taxing us more than we think he is. How? not directly but rather by indirect means. While inflation looks like it is normal government is printing more money than it ever was. As you know a euro is one of the most stable currency in the world and was about .80 cents in 2000 now costs almost $1.48. I am hoping as educated citizens you know the gold value is rising ever since paper money came to existance, But I want you to look at the pattern. In year 2000, 68 cents were equal to one canadian dollar now it is almost 89 cents. that is about 20 cents/dollar. means in canadian currancy if you were making a $100000 a year now you are making only $80000. If you will say well it dosnt show up in price. Then the reality is food prices and basic expenses are going up. Elctronics and bigger purchases like houses and cars hasn't went up. So do you think the tax cut was real?


Brian good answer. but a lower dollar value means accelerated inflation. since more than half the stuff we consume are imported.

Update 2:

IItrix good point. just didnt have enough space. I wanted to write a book on it. But no one will read it so here it is.

Update 3:

Josh I do. I sure do having a BBA in CS does qualify me to make this kind of comment. but if there is something you can say that will enlightend us, you are more than welcome. And about blaming Bush. Nah real people to blame are the people who voted for him.

Update 4:

The Dude you are right. but the issue was " if the tax cuts were real"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    the tax cut really wasn't the problem its the massive amount of spending that is , his tax cut was the first time in our history were we went to war with out a massive cut in social services and tax increase , don't u know its both parties fault along with the tax cut the spending of federal programs increased that same year neither side is willing to pay for the programs that they propose , its time for a real change for this country , vote all the incumbents out

    just gotta add lltrix they contribute to both parties on a massive amount just so they have the same amount of influence no matter which side wins , they are equal opportunity corrupters

    on the lighter side it was real enough to cash the check lol but our kids will be paying for it

    and i was in Germany to see the devaluation compared to the deuchmark then going to the euro , it was quick and pain full, drinks in Nuremberg did go up

    by the way u don't need to be formal u can call me dude or El dudearino lol

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    hmmmmm: The rich essentially pay the same percentage of taxes that the "middle" class does although there is a scale of taxation it is really not statistically different from one group to another. The less money collected in taxes the more money is spent or invested and it has to be one or the other. The more money spent or invested, the higher the GDP goes and since taxes are a percentage of GDP the more money is collected in taxes. The Clinton recession reduced GDP to 3% until FY 2004, after the Bush Tax cuts were actually felt, and then GDP went up (6%), increasing the money collected in taxes. The Clinton deficit of 2003 was 23% and the 2006 deficit was 9% so cutting taxes reduced the deficit by about 60% in three years. You can get the data at or Bottom line is: Yes, I agree that the Pro-Slavery. Anti-civil-rights Democrats are just trying to oppress people the way they always have.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You forgot to add that the rising national debt and the increased deficits that keep adding to the principle balance of that debt and the increasing interest rates at the fed are making the banks and interests who fund our debt enormous amount of profits. Our tax dollars are paying that debt interest at almost 20% a year. That means that 20% of every tax dollar goes to just paying the interest on the debt. Another 56 to 58% of our taxes goes to pay for the military industrial corporate complex. Now you know why we the American people are getting ripped off so much. We have the false idea that we are not paying much in taxes but everything we are paying is going to the interests that are funding the GOP and Bush's campaigns (in the past). That's why you will never hear the GOP complaign about the interest payment or rising interest rates on the national debt and they will never complaign about the deficits. Because it is the banking industry and the military industrial corporate profiteers making the money. Those people are the primary funders of GOP elections. In the mean time, less and less of your tax dollars go towards your kids futures in the form of education and health because they cut more and more out of those budgets. Now they want to give your social security to the Wall STreet interests, their other contributors. It is the trickle up economy.

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  • The Value of you dollar is not worth a dime if you government is a Trillion Dollars in dept. The real tax increase will not come to the surface until after the war is long over when it truly affects our children or our grandchildren

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  • josh m
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    All that and you really don't understand it the tax cut and the inflation of the dollar well no point in trying to explain it because you want to blame Bush for it any way!

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  • Brian
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    If I am paying a lower dollar amount in less valuable dollars doesn't that mean I am even paying more less than I had thought.

    I would tend to agree with you inflation argument but I haven't seen that, except for gasoline of course.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Voodoo economics works every time on neo-cons. They get back 5 centes on the dollar yet have to spend a dollar twenty five for the same products that used to cost a dollar, and they think they got something.

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