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Horse Quarantine, moving State to state?

Do you have to put your horse in quarantine if you move him to a different state?


This question is for my cousin. They did not JUST get the horse. They are possibly moving from OK to LA.

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    No...but you do need to have health certificates and each state's requirements are different. Any equine vet worth anything at all will have a list of contacts and requirements for each state, and you'll have to see a vet to get your HC's anyway.

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    I am actually moving a horse from Alabama to Georgia this weekend and also moving on from Georgia back to Alabama.... little horsie swap! All I need is a current coggins (I prefer withing 6 months) and a health certificate.

    Some barns chose to do a quarentine on all new horses to the barn (even if they're from just down the road). And this is a very good practice. It safe guards the current horses at the facility from any diseases the new horse may have (even if the horse has a clear coggins). As well as it safe guards the new horse, and gives it time to settle in before being put out with the other horses.

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    Greg has it correct and as for dogs (and cats) they use to have to go into quarantine for 6 months before entering the UK but that has changed. They have to have a rabies injection 6 months before entry and then three or four days before leaving they have to be wormed by a vet on the UK DEFRA list, be microchiped and then they can enter with no quarantine. Horses travelling from the UK to the USA also have to be quarantined in the USA

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    I haven't looked into moving horses in a long time, but it used to be that you would need a Coggins test done, and a clean bill of health. That and food and water and a good trailer. But I would contact your vet in this state and the state that you will be moving to to double check. Usually vets are pretty good with this stuff. Good luck!

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    We moved horses from KY to FLA. At the border, we had all our papers in order. So at the Ag station the vet came out and looked over the horses. He saw the papers were in order and we continued on our way. See the vet where you are now and tell him about the move and he'll set you up to go across borders.

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    no but you will be required to have a coggins and health certificate to ship though. Health certificate cannot be over 30 days old so get one then ship him but you must have your coggins first cause that number will go on the health certificate

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    Well its recommended that you do...With our yearling we didnt but with our 4.5yr old we did. We got him a week ago and he was from Colorado. Good thing we did, come to find out he might have Strangles which is highly contagious to other horses. It is airborn but the only one that is showing signs of the symptoms is our baby...but thats because we didnt know he had it and we touched her....So it just depends on you...use your better judgment I guess....

    Good Luck with the move!

    Source(s): I read on here comments from others about all you need is a Coggins test and we thought the same things, however you need to be careful because those are easily faked....ours was....
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    They don't need to be quarntine. All you need is coggins papers on each horse, and a health certicate.

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    u dont have to put ur horse in a Quarantine if ur jus moving from state to state alls u have to do is make sure ur horse has lplenty of water and food. and u will b good.

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